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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy.

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hen and chick
"Eternal Consequences," That's What! Part I
Animals: Tradition - Philosophy - Religion
A certain percentage of meat-eaters have begun to get the sense that thereís something bad about killing and eating a cow or baby calf (which, indeed, there is). A little troubled by the message of the Animal Concern but not wanting to make uncomfortable changes in their lifestyle, they will say they have cut down on meat, and now eat just chicken (or fish). Bird-brained (and scaly) animals donít really matter, right?
Lamb of God
Miracles Happen
An Bible Sermon
Miracles happen all the time, but most of them are small ones, we just need to open our minds, hearts, souls, and spirits to see them. When we see miracles happen it is awe inspiring, but they are commonplace for God. We all too often try to explain a miracle away rather than praising God and thanking Him for allowing us to see them. And there is more...
Apple, Banana, Cinnamon and Date Fruit Slushie
Apple, Banana, Cinnamon and Date Fruit Slushie
An Vegan Recipe
Apple, banana, cinnamon and date fruit smoothie is great warm weather treat for breakfast, dessert or for a snack. We prepare our fruit slushies in our Vita-Mix, but they can be made in any high speed blender. This recipe will make 2 servings, and takes only 5-10 minutes to prepare. We think of slushies as one of our fun foods. Serve and Enjoy!
taiji dolphins
Two More Species of Dolphins Added to Taijiís Hunts
Animal Rights Articles
With a trained dolphin worth as much as $155,000 USD, itís feasible that additional species of dolphins have been added to fill orders, especially if bottlenose stocks have been depleted. "Outrageous and unnecessary, Taijiís war on dolphins has just escalated." ~ Ric OíBarry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project
laurelee blanchard
Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui
Book Reviews
I am referring to the often ignored truth of slaughterhouses: that billions of animals raised and slaughtered every year for food are forced to endure unimaginable suffering. What society does to produce food is obviously bad for other animals. What is less obvious, however, is the lesser-known fact that slaughterhouses are also bad for the hundreds of thousands of employees who work in them.
calf dairy calves newsletter
June 22, 2017 All-Creatures Newsletter weekly Newsletters
Action alerts, animal rights articles, poetry, recipes, sermons, stories, videos, and LOTS more. Let us know if you want to get it directly.
The Weakness of Pro-Fox Hunt Propaganda
Animal Rights Articles
As Head of Policy and Research of the League Against Cruel Sports I wanted to write a reply not just answering his questions but also exposing his lies. I am a Zoologist and have been studying hunting for over 10 years, which must make me somehow a bit of an expert on this issue. Here are his key points, and my responses.

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