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A book by B. J. Coombs
Copyright © 2004 by Bernard J. Coombs ISBN 0-9748524-5-7

Table of Contents

The complete book is now on the Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation web site. Comments and questions are welcome. Please write to Bernard J. Coombs at petsinheaven@optusnet.com.au 

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Part 1

From the Great White Throne Judgment to Eternity

Part 2

From now to the Great White Throne Judgment

Part 3

About the Devil - Lucifer - Satan

Part 4

When do Pets and other creatures go to Heaven?

Appendix Index A-J



Part I

Chapter 1


All Creatures being renewed
Searching out the truth
Reconciling all flesh
All flesh SARX
The entirety of things created
Climax of the ages
Death annulled
All things made new

Chapter 2


All creatures going to Heaven/renewed physical universe
The body
The soul
The spirit

Chapter 3


De-fearing death
The Great White Throne Judgement
Who will be judged?
What will be judged?
The records book of life
Records book of life revised

Chapter 4


The Lake of Fire
Coming to the Good Part
The Dispensation of The Fullness of Times

Chapter 5


Misconceptions about Heaven/Paradise
About Paradise
Heavenly Real Estate
The City of God
How big is the City of God?

Chapter 6


The Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of Heaven
On to Eternity

Chapter 7


The event which ushers in Eternity
Jesus submits Himself to God
The inconceivable thing
Last verses in the Bible

Part 2

Chapter 8


The immediate Future
Exact moment in time
Powers of the Heavens shall be shaken
Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fusion
The coming Holocaust
What is left - What happens next?
The Great Whore
After the Holocaust

Chapter 9


The Second Coming
When does it happen?
Moving on in time
What is happening back on Earth?
The next great major event
Israel is made one nation again
God's Promise

Chapter 10


What about GOG?
JESUS' triumphant return to Earth
The renewed Earth
Conditions in the New World - ecological
Family and possessions
Law and Politics

Chapter 11


What about racial differences?
Towards the end of the thousand years

The Devil's whereabouts
Why does Christ let the Devil free
What about racial differences?

The great and terrible finale
On to Eternity

Part 3
About the Devil/Lucifer/Satan

Acts of Satan
Satan's Creation
Subject to Authority
Now! Despoliation
Satan's Power
Satan's and Adam's Knowledge
Of good and evil
God was going to destroy all life
War in Heaven
Satan deceiveth the whole world
Evil spirits
Satan controlling the Weather
Our Guardian Angels

Part 4

Chapter 1 - When?

Chapter 2 - The Second Resurrection

Chapter 3 - The Third and Fourth Resurrections

Chapter 4 - Eternity the Beginning



Appendix A 1-2: Communication between creatures in Heaven.
Appendix B 1-3: Misconceptions regarding Revelations 20:5.
Appendix C 1-3: About Satan being in Heaven.
Appendix F 1-4: Regarding Indulgences and Penances.
Appendix H 1-6: The truth about being "Born again".


Comments and questions are welcome. 
Please write to Bernard J. Coombs at petsinheaven@optusnet.com.au

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