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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

Animal Defenders of Westchester
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Yonkers, NY 10704

Companion Animal Memorials

I'm Through with Cats

For Denny, Niko, Cire, Mew, Tasha and Spots
By Arlene H. Kahn

Iím through with cats- the heartache, the growing old and dying before Iím ever ready.

The illness of old age, the treatments, the special feedings, the cleanings several times a day.

Cleaning up in odd places because they are too frail to get to their litter boxes.

The heartache of seeing my once vibrant companion now skinny, weak and disheveled.

Iím through with cats- the painful decision of whether to put them to sleep, whether death would be better than an etching of a life once lived to itís fullest.

Holding them in my arms as they breathe their last breath, easing their transition from life to a better place.

Burying them with the honor and dignity that they lived their lives, and with the love they gave back to me 100 times over.

Kissing them one last time as I lay them to rest, as I did at least a million times before.

Remembering the long life we spent together, the happy, joyous times we spent together, my best friends, for sure.

The kittens that came to me all fuzzy, wide-eyed, so vulnerable.

The fine cats they grew up to be, always supportive, there to ďlistenĒ, no matter how late it was or how tired they might be.

The licking of my tears, the ďdancingĒ on my chest, the numerous bursts of laughter they provided, just by being who they were.

Life goes by so quickly, they are to be cherished every minute.

Iím through with cats?- Iím going to get another one tomorrow.

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