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They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea. ~Isaiah 11:9

Covenant Foundations

Hosea 2:18 - Introduction
By: Martin Cisneros

I'm often asked concerning my perspective of Bible prophecy. Many of the questions that I've received have had the underlying intent of trying to classify me in limited, general, and stereo-typical terms of "pre-millennial," "pre-trib," "futurist," "preterist," "amillennial," and the like. I do see merit to both the preterist and the futurist argument regarding Bible prophecy. And those who would try to categorize me in a certain predetermined and cookie cut mold of their making or understanding often try to say that I can't be both a futurist and a preterist. However, I see many truths in preterist teachings and many truths in futurist teachings.

One of my goals in sharing these Hosea 2:18 tid-bits is to say that while I've grown to favor some aspects of preterist thought, I do see present and future prophecies that are unfolding and yet to be unfolded in their time. I believe in the literal bodily return of Jesus Christ that's yet to happen in all of the earth shaking, earth shattering splendor that many "futurist" interpreters of the book of Revelation are yet awaiting and soberly anticipating with joy, growing personal moderation and humility, and repentance. I do, also, however, see many "Days of visitation" spoken of in the Scriptures, many of which are totally fulfilled and many which are yet unfolding as Christ comes again and again to His Church and to the World in the powers and purposes of His High Priestly Ministry and Kingship.

I see a coming of Christ in the behalf of His animals that predates the bodily coming of Christ to His Church which many teach precedes His coming for the world. This really isn't talked about, though the Scriptures are clear to the impartially compassionate and humble heart that "trembles at His Words"...

I've written the following pages as a call to humility towards those who think that they've "got it all figured out," with regards to Bible prophecy; to alert those who are diligent concerning our Common salvation that there are elements that they are not yet aware of: areas we are called to sanctify ourselves before God regarding that many of them have never even heard of, and to encourage "perfected love" which "casts out" all fear.

I've written the following pages to those who are desirous of more light of the "end intended by the Lord." And I've written the following pages for those who've needed more hope to calm their hearts and renew their joy in the Lord in the light of a beloved pet that they've been anxious about, to assure them that Christ is indeed aware of "the least of these --His brethren..."

I've not written the following pages to create a new topic of debate, a new area for finger pointing, or for a new area to strike with the fist of wickedness. I've not written the following pages, concerning the Hosea 2:18 covenant, from a perspective of some self declared superiority for having perceived the full counsel of God. Neither have I written these introductory notes to parade my personal concept of veganism.

I've written these pages to share some of the larger hope which I entertain as a basis for additional levels of personal discipline, joy in the Lord, and effective powerful ministry where animals are concerned and where people are concerned who dearly love one or more animals. I've written these pages to totally set at liberty those who've been afraid of caring too deeply for a beloved companion animal or for certain types of animals because of the fears of the futility of animal life in the greater plans of God, in the light of the ages and the unfolding eternity that's before all of us. It is my hope to further show, along the lines of Christian Universalist principles, that there's absolutely no such thing as a futile life in the eyes of God and in the light of Christ's growing [saving, restoring, healing] Empire. It is my hope to remove prejudices against animals that have existed in the hearts of some people. It is my hope to ease the suffering of animals everywhere the vision of this Covenant would be seen and that through the power of the Holy Spirit that many additional signs and wonders would be accomplished in the Name of Jesus Christ to the eternal glory of God the Father.

There are many plain statements of Scripture regarding God's everlasting compassion, fidelity, passion, concern, and watchfulness over animals that for centuries have been:

1). allegorized

2). ignored

3). placed by theologians into such a distant future context of reference as to be unmeaningful to today's readers.

What I am asserting in these writings is that these passages should no longer be ignored. It's time to take a fresh look at these passages in a literal sense. And taken from a literal perspective, I believe that we need to adjust our timeclock where animals are concerned in the purposes of God. With that I believe will come an adjustment in our attitudes and in our lifestyles in relation to the animal kingdom that's a positive step for ourselves, our environment, our consciences, and our futures.

I believe that this perspective that I am sharing rather than stopping at reconsidering animals and what ideally should be our relationship to them actually calls for a reconsideration of what God Himself is saying about these animals and about ourselves.

Beginning with laying the Biblical and philosophical scaffolding of an understanding of "the end intended by the Compassionate Lord of all," I endeavor to discuss practical methods of seeing this Covenant acknowledged and practiced in our day.

Throughout I emphasize that the particulars of the timings and manifestations of this Covenant are both in God's hands and that, as in every other matter, these things are to be looked for in the Scriptures as we progress as Co-laborers with Christ in the behalf of God in the field of this world.

I am building this teaching, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, towards the recognition that since this Covenant is unstoppable as the zenith of Christian knowledge in the world and since love never fails, and since love itself, or rather Himself, is the means of bringing purity and wholeness in every other area of life, then we are honor bound by this Covenant to love our neighbor as ourselves and to pray for those who curse and despitefully use and persecute animals and those who care for them. While praying for the wholeness of animals, we are supposed to pray for their oppressors until the anointing of God causes both immediate release for animals from their afflictions and that those who've been ministers of condemnation towards animals would receive their own newness of life, freedom from iniquities, wholeness of body and being, and understanding of the Covenants, Callings, Intents, Provisions, and Wisdom of the Lord where themselves and all life on this earth is concerned.

Death has a final end in the unfolded mutual endless love of all of Creation. And this area of fragmentation between man and animals has been the missing piece of the equation to be administered in the collective body of the new humanity through Christ to achieve that goal. To demonstrate this in a Biblically sound manner, clearly convey this, and take us all beyond the veil of the new Creation in Christ is my ambitious series of goals through these mad utterances that follow.

Though hopelessly weak as a writer, I trust that Christ's knowledge in me of these things will yet find an audience of participators in the divine nature who will go forth and articulate this with greater clarity than I ever will. Though endlessly deficient in writing style, I send off this godly seed in the hope and trust in the Blood [that speaks better things than the blood of Abel] of God that His eternal kindness can not be held back forever.

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