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By Shmuel Asher - 13 May 2012

Sue I will send this to everyone along with my answer on this article below, because in the last months I have had quite a few people who are seeming to shift back into these old fantasies for some reason. For this reason I decided today to attach the 312 doc to this email.

This article is a total and 100% ZERO!  How this crackpot is a professor at the Hebrew University is absolutely beyond me. First off, the Dead Sea Scrolls text which Xtians, are pointing to as the Greek JEZUES messiah text is totally misidentified as such; that’s complete and utter garbage. And as to the stone this guy has? Of course it’s the only one of its kind in Ink, because its fake regardless when it was penned! And of course there’s no way to authenticate it via the already suspect tool of carbon dating BECAUSE IT’S A ROCK! Lol... But bottom line on all this, is that NOWHERE in the HEBREW Torah or the Prophets, does it state anything at ALL concerning THE messiah to come; (which will be David), to be some intercessor for anyone's sins, as that is 100% anti-Torah anyway, nor do they speak to the fabled idea of him being killed and coming back in 3 days, or 7 days or any days, or 2 times in our history; Nor do they speak of any PRIVATE resurrections of one man or two etc. ONLY ONE TIME, which of course has not yet occurred unless I somehow missed it which is highly unlikely. Lol..

And as usual, the writers of all these ridiculous ideas go throwing around Hebrew words with little understanding of their original meaning – Machiach – in this case. A word used for many men - NOT gods -  in the Torah, Nebiim & Kethubim, Joseph/Abrahim/Moshe – virtually all the high priests etc. So again I have to ask, how is this guy a professor at the Heb U?

This entire article is solely and completely rooted in the fables of xtianity; and as many of you are aware, that I am not bias to truth and fully aware of all the fables within my own ancestors history as well; this article and others are yet nothing more than a continuation of men loving to adhere to their superstitions & rituals.  The original Torah which of course Abrahim knew and lived by, which was later reiterated to Moshe, and unlike the expanded Torah we have today, much of which has been expanded by moronic men like these guys; leaves absolutely no room for Man/god deities, much less god/man deities that can ALSO DIE? Where does ANY Hebrew scripture or history give us any direction concerning ANY deity, much less our deity/Creator dying?  Where in the hell do they get this stuff from?  No wonder so many people are atheists!

As much as I hate to make it public, which I have resisted doing for some years now; my newly finalized rebuttal paper entitled “The 312 Messianic Anti-Proofs”, which as you know was sent to me and others by some EXPERT Theologians...lol...in rebuttal to my own thoughts which they evidently saw online somewhere, will soon put an end to all this Prophetic proof in reverse exegesis. 


I would love to hear your comments on the following article by email.

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