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By Frank L. Hoffman - 17 Feb 2017

Dear Shmuel:
When I was reading Breaking the Chain of Slavery, and your discussion about the sons of Jacob repenting and returning to God and His original Torah, I couldn’t help but think of something I read many years ago about ancient Jewish sages believing that the fulfillment, or the beginning of the fulfillment, of Isaiah’s prophecy 11:6-10, was a sign of the end times. I tried to find the reference, but couldn’t find it.
We were told in Genesis 1 that God put us in charge of caring for the whole earth. Jesus says that the peacemaking children of God are blessed (Matthew 5:9, and Paul picks up on this in Romans 8 and says that the whole of creation anxiously awaits the appearing of the sons (children) of God to free it from its present corruption. This seems to be making a full circle, and appears to have a direct connection on your article/teaching.
If we are to love the Lord our God with every part of being, then we must also love the whole of God’s creation, for He lovingly spoke it into existence. It seems to us that when people don’t live this way, they cannot fully love or believe God, and are in need of repentance.

Your thoughts?

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