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In Reference to: Breaking the Chain of Slavery!

By Shmuel Asher - 17 Feb 2012

AHHHHH yes my friend, you have it!!  HEALING THE WORLD – Which as I teach, was the original mandate at least as we see for sure through Moshe. Learn it – Live it – Teach it to the nations – The ripple in the pond affect. 

However, at least since I'm alive, I have met NO Jews who believe its their position or duty to do this.  They all give the whole Healing The World crap, a lot of mouth, but no movement. They are EXACTLY still as Yehshuah said they were, white polished tomb stones. I have never heard a better description of them. 

My grandfather showed me that our family line has been teaching the nations/gentiles for over 1300+ yrs as far as we are able to trace, and I'm sure all the way back to the Asher tribe in and around Tiberius, where I still have relatives who never left Canaan.  As well, I have always had one single mind within me, and not because my grandfather or father told me so, and that’s been to teach every non-Judaic person, as well as any post Babylonian Jews who will listen, all these things.  So maybe we’re actually part of something far greater.

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