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By Shmuel Asher - 22 Aug 2012

Since I sent that email out about Ezekiel and Daniel etc., some of you are inundating me w/all manner of materials like this...lol  Its good to see you all get aroused by something occasionally...lol  Since I already know all this and more, maybe send all these around to each other..lol  Here, I’ll start the trend...

Interesting! Read the whole article: http://www.theskepticalreview.com/tsrmag/984bad.html

"There is a matter of silence about the person who allegedly wrote the book of Daniel that, although not as compelling as the examples above, should nevertheless be considered in evaluating the claim that this book was written by an important 6th-century Babylonian official.

The book of Ezekiel claims that it was written by a captive priest in Babylon who began to receive his visions in the "fifth year of king Jehoiachin's captivity" (1:2). If this claim is true, then the priest Ezekiel was in Babylon at the very time that Daniel allegedly rose to prominence in the royal court, yet he made no unequivocal references to a Daniel, who could have been the fellow captive that was appointed ruler over all the province of Babylon. I say that he made no "unequivocal references" to this Daniel, because Ezekiel did mention the name Daniel three times, but these were in contexts where this person was associated with ancient biblical heroes like Noah and Job (14:14, 20; 28:3).

Since the name is spelled "Danel" in some texts, this Daniel is thought to be the "Danel" of Ugaritic legend found on clay tablets excavated at Ras Shamra, so it seems rather strange that Ezekiel would have written 48 chapters without once referring to a captive who had become a prominent Babylonian official."


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