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By Shmuel Asher - 23 Aug 2012

Well, I was a bit vague on the details the other day as well as my own thoughts on the subject. I was only giving the basics of what JUDAH says it is. However, it is understood by both sides that there is a 400yr differential between the actually writing of this book and Ezekiel's time in Babylon.  That’s why the writer, who for most of it was not Daniel, got so many of the historical facts wrong. Now, you being intelligent, picked up on the SINGLE point that has led me to believe that Daniel at some point, (MUCH EARLIER) did in fact exist and did in fact write something, although I don’t believe any of the prophesies are it. I believe this because of the Vegan diet he espoused and risked his life for. That life risking is the real proof for me, because it shows me that not only did this Daniel know and staunchly keep The Everlasting Agreement, but knew it to the depth that I have or better, and would rather die than go against AHYH. The fact that NO Judahite/Levite would ever write such a thing, although extremely true and compelling, is second to the risk Daniel took for it.  So, yes I personally believe, as other scholars do, that Daniel did exist, but NOT in Babylon and NOT in that time.

What I believe occurred, and this is only based on my knowledge and experience with Judah and people; is that YES Daniel PRE-existed those jokers, and his writings were among the several more ancient scrolls Ezra and friends are known to have had on hand at that time, and they decided to go w/it and add to that book as well. Remember, they NEVER wrote or added to anything that wasn’t going to be used as a tool to overcome and control people, destroy nations, and provide them with clear legal authority over all.  Sound like the US legal code?  It should, I bet you didn’t know that the entire US Code is 100% based on the Talmud? LOL...  Even Chief Justice Ginsberg wrote a 2 page brief on that very specific subject which proves it. I had that brief in PDF a few yrs ago and showed allot of people which freaked them right out, but it was lost in my last laptop melt down.  You may be able to search it out on the net, that’s how we stumbled across it.

Anyway, I have never really cared about Daniels book, since I have never been one to worry about or be over fascinated by magic and or end time prophecies the way xtians are, so for me it matters not who wrote it or when. I do however like as you pointed out, the one single moment in there that proves HIS Everlasting Agreement to be more than relevant.  So if nothing else, this is all I need to glean from that.


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