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Festival of Unleavened Bread
By Shmuel Asher - 20 Mar 2012

Yes Frank, you are correct, however somehow you seem to be dividing the command for one thing or another against our Willful obedient hearts and living compassionately. Living with compassion for His creation is ONLY part of it, it just happens to be the part you identify most with.

I never said anything about Jewish rituals within our commanded memorials, if you read more of my docs you will see that I am stripping away all that, because we added that in.  Not saying that ALL of it is bad or wrong, only that which goes against original logical Torah, i.e. killing and eating lambs for Pesah..lol  

If one pays close attention to the (7) commands in Exodus chapter 34 which is the eldest of all Commands texts, you will easily identify the 3 memorials, however, you will NOT see any further instructional details concerning HOW to keep such memorial festivals, NOR for how long. Just when to start them. OTHER than UB, that one He did give a time frame for as far as we can know for sure at this moment. But I will tell you in confidence, I have long questioned whether THEY added the 7 day length. Because I already verified they added the first Sabbath on the 1st day of the 7, which is not found in the eldest texts of chap 13, so to me that time frame in total is not in question. 

Either way, I don’t teach ritual, I teach obedience to the VERY minimal Torah He originally gave. And I as well am still looking deeper into it and for it daily. Stripping away all the bull men stuck in there.  So, its not about the ritual, the ritual for any of the given celebrations is entirely up to you; and the standard for any customs/traditions what have you is as you already know, the compassion, and the rest of the ORIGINAL Torah , which my guess is, your not clear on fully yet, but I bet your real close, because the Everlasting Eternal Agreement – no killing/eating etc, IS the backbone of all that comes after it. 

I believe what I was attempting to say the other day with the UB email was, that the festivals are for us, not so much Him. And for us to use as a memorial reminder; because lets face it, humans do need some amount of family tradition for additional cohesion, AND, people need several reminders annually, especially for this stuff. I wasn’t advocating anything more.  Finding or being directed to, and knowing His original calendar system which is clearly depicted in the Torah once one strips away all the learned paganism; is important, and it is not ritual.  Because if it was important enough for Him to design and lay out for us, and reiterate it to others along the way, then surely it should be important and exciting for us to understand and be obedient to as well, no?

I have to go because I have my orthodox Rabbi friend calling me soon from Tzvat Israel to yell at me.  If you only knew how many calls and emails I get from NY and CA and Chicago etc etc.  From the higher ups in Judaism attempting to reel me in and stop me from teaching the Name and about their involvement in hiding it and also to stop teaching the gentiles about the false sacrificial system etc. These seem to be the top 3 issues against me at the moment..lol  Watch your news brother, I just may be the next Jew nailed to a cross sooner than later..lol  


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