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Unleavened Life
By Frank L. Hoffman - 22 Mar 2012

Dear Shmuel:

From what we’ve learned candida is fed with sugar and not protein, so the eating of inactive yeast would not be a factor.

From what we understand, the leavened bread of old was more like sourdough, which ferments the dough. But the discussion is very interesting.

We have also found out that any alcohol consumption seems to block our spiritual connection to the Spirit of God, which is probably another reason God put a restriction on fermented beverages.

We also believe that the majority of people who say they have a soft heart for God have hardened it so they can still participate in the evil things of this world, such as the killing and eating of animals. Living like this also blocks ones connection with God’s Spirit.

Jesus tells us that if we live in God’s perfect love, we will fulfill the whole Law and the prophets, which seems a lot like what you and I are teaching.

In the Love of the Lord,


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