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From 11 August 2003 Issue

Animals Asia Foundation
Help end the Abuse of Domestic Animals

Dear friends:

The suffering of companion animals in China is
heartbreaking and overwhelming at times. I believe we
must carry on informing people and asking media to
report the killing and torture of dogs and cats in
China due to ignorance and greed. Equally important is
to support the work of Animals Asia Foundation. In
order for them to lobby effectively, they need to show
the Chinese government that they have a support of
many people all over the world. They collect letters
which are intended for the Chinese president and
present them when they think the letters will make a
maximum impact. They ask the letters to the Chinese
president to be polite and for a maximum lobby inside
China, I believe this strategy has clear benefits.

Please visit

Animals Asia Foundation provides sample letter and
email address to which you can send the letter. Below
is my letter to the president, with slight change to
the sample letter to make appeal from Asian viewpoint,
and a letter from Animals Asia Foundation informing me
how they made the very best use of the letter.

Please support Animals Asia Foundation's work to help
the animals in Asia.


--- Annie Mather <[email protected]> wrote: >
Dear President Jiang Zemin:

In almost every country across the globe, including
China, dogs are working side by side with government
departments and community personnel in programs which
help people and make our world a safer place in which
to live.

From police dogs who devote their boundless enthusiasm
-- and sometimes their lives -- working tirelessly in
crime prevention programs, to customs dogs who detect
drugs and explosives and help in the enforcement of
important regulations and legislation.

Together with cats, they also help and enrich our
lives as beloved companion animals and provide much
needed warmth to those who are sick, elderly, or
just in need of a friend.

It is Asia's custom to repay royalty with kindness and
care and as an Asian I'm deeply saddened by the plight
of the animals who have given us so much. We should
have shown the world we are people who repay kindness
and friendship with care and love. Instead we are
sending out a message to the world that we are people
who pay royalty and friendship with contempt and

President Jiang, we respectfully ask that you and your
government give these caring and courageous animals
the help they deserve. Please support the Animals Asia
Foundation in their efforts towards drafting
comprehensive legislation which will protect all
animals from cruelty and neglect -- and which will see
dogs and cats embraced in China as our
friends......rather than food.

Yours sincerely,

Yoon S Kerr

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