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From 11 January 2004 Issue

They Shoot Calves, Don't They?

Our American Mad Cow gave birth to a calf before she
was slaughtered. The baby is now one-month old. Mom  delivered her child, and then had the worst case of post partum bovine depression in American history.
What to do with her baby?

Kill her, says USDA and FDA.

The problem is, which calf is she? At the same
time bovina-x was born, so were 450 others from
that same farm. Today, they celebrate their one-month
birthday. USDA and FDA do not want to do simple DNA
testing, which would immediately reveal the identity
of Mad Mom's babe. Instead, all are to die by a
bureaucrat's stamp. Why? Because a creative publicist
within FDA or USDA has determined that Americans
will feel safer if a few (thousand) animals are
killed. Such a measure would be cleansing to meat
eaters. It will deceive meat eaters into believing
that America's meat is now safe to eat. Kill a
few so that many millions more can die. Even the
innocent animals will die. Unfairly.

Today, their lives are to end.

As you read this, they are corralled in an undisclosed
Washington state holding pen. Let the slaughter begin.
They will all die together.

You would not want to hear their cries. The Silence
of the Calves. Many thousands more wait to be sacrificed.
Their bodies are to be incinerated. The evidence is to
be destroyed. The greatest irony is that none of the
animals are to be autopsied. Their brains will not be
tested. These are not calves. They are sacrificial lambs.

Robert Cohen


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