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From 12 November 2002 Issue


The Count Down Begins!

In ONE month Huntingdon Life Sciences will celebrate it's 50th birthday.  This is 50 years of torture, agony, deaths, and lies. Over 9 million animal deaths and countless human fatalities are the direct product of this time span.

But it is all coming to an END.

Mark your calendars for the weekend of December 1st, 2002 and join SHAC-USA in New Jersey for a National Demonstration against HLS. This Thanksgiving Day weekend will see animal rights activists the world over converge upon HLS targets and lay waste to what is already a beaten and dying company.

On October 29th, 2001 - SHACUSA brought over 400 protesters to Little Rock Arkansas and made history as the hometown and personal neighborhood of Warren Stephens (the then most staunch and financially entrenched supporter of HLS) was turned upside down. This demonstration ignited protest activity across the country and led to Stephensıs eventual public abandonment of HLS.  Our presence and efforts on December 1st can and WILL not be any different.  This National Demonstration marks the home stretch of this campaign as we are well on our way to the most historic and fiercely fought for victory the grassroots animal rights movement has ever seen.

Mass participation is required! Make every EFFORT to be there.


November 30th: "Portrait of an Activist" evening Speaking Forum brought to you by SHACUSA and Last Chance for Animals, featuring:

1. Bobby Seale - former President and co-founder of the National Black Panther Party. This sixties 'radical' has made history and transformed our society through a direct and unapologetic approach.

2. Rod Coronado - former ALF volunteer who spent 57 months in prison for his role in a nationwide series of attacks on fur farms and animal research labs. For the past 18 years Rod has fought and succeeded in fighting to protect animals and the environment.

3. Brenda Shoss - The director of Kindship Circle, an international mailing list and web site whose primary mission is to organize successful letter writing campaigns on behalf of all non-human animals. After seeing undercover footage from HLS, her world was turned upside down and dedicated herself to helping to close this vile lab down.

Round TWO
December 1st: National Demonstration Against HLS at HLS in E. Millstone, NJ!  The Rally starts at 11Am and includes rousing speeches from SHACUSA's Kevin Jonas and LCA's Chris De Rose. Expect national press coverage, hundreds of protestors, deafening screams, and a few tricks up our sleeves that will catch the HLS scumbags off guard. This demonstration is not to be missed.  Contact SHACUSA if you are looking for help with transportation. There will be home demonstrations into the evening.

December 2nd: What has made the SHAC campaign so hated, but yet so successful. The personal NAME and SHAME campaign that brings the passion and fury of the animal rights movement to the personal doorsteps of those responsible. Activists will descend upon NYC for a day of ruckus and fun.

For all your questions and to find out the exact details of the multitude of events. There is a place for everyone over these three days, from those waving the placards to those wearing the balaclavas. Attendance is mandatory!!

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