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14 April 2003 Issue

New, Improved "Show" Categories

I have a 'purebred' dog (formerly 'rescued'), whom I adopted from an animal shelter. After years of rehabilitation, he is GORGEOUS and appears relatively "normal" in behavior. People sometimes ask me "Is he AKC registered?" and "Do you show him?", to which I respond, "Of course not!" with a big grin. They usually look confused until I explain that the American Kennel Club isn't interested in the registration of NEUTERED companion animals, which I find disgusting. Also, my canine companion was extremely neglected/abused by his previous guardian, so he doesn't exactly "fit" into the limited dog show categories available (Not that I would EVER drag him into and make him perform in a dog show--he'd much rather go for a walk on the beach or chase a ball).

In light of the current companion animal overpopulation crisis, and on behalf of neutered mutts and rescued purebreds everywhere (both canines and felines), I have come up with New, Improved Show Categories (complete with snotty abbreviations). By the way, my dog is not only BAAC and OWIW, but also BTBGA!!


Drum roll, please.....

New, Improved Companion Animal "Show" Categories & Abbreviations of

BAAC Best At Animal Control
BIS Best In Shelter
TT Temperament Tested
FTTBWC Failed Temperament Test But Who Cares!
BT Bad Teeth
NT No Teeth
BTBGA Bad Teeth But Great Attitude
BH Bed Hog
SC Sock Collector
CP Couch Potato
CPE Couch Potato Excellent
OWIW Occasionally Walks Into Walls
DFT Drinks From Toilet
HD Hole Digger
HDE Hole Digger Excellent
OCBC Obsessive Compulsive But Cute
MTI Master Trash Investigator
BD Best Drooler
SE Shedder Extraordinaire
CAF Cute And Fuzzy
MTPS Master Toilet Paper Shredder
BIHC Best In Hairball Coughing
LP Loudest Purrer

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant
What Jill Knows, Copyright 2002
e-mail: [email protected]  


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