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From 14 May 2002 Issue


Below is the exact wording for the downed animal bill. Animals needs only to
be seen by a vet once and only given a vitamin B shot to meet exemptions,
allows electric prods to be used to move it, allows animal to remain down
indefinitely, no fine is listed at this time (USDA has one year to decide on
one), no criminal count or mention of repeat violations. This may interfere
with state cruelty laws. Care given does not have to actually help the
animal, only that it is intended to do that and treatment is completely under
the industry vets judgment.

Due to this I-SPEAK requests you contact your US Senators and request they do not pass the Downed Animal Amendment.

Please call, email or write:
The Honorable Tom Harkin
Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
[email protected]

Your Senators can be reached by calling the Senate switchboard at
Telephone and fax numbers of individual Senate members can also be reached by calling Federal Information at 800-688-9889.

To find out who your Senators are please visit .

Urge them to adopt the original language of the Downed Animal Protection Act
when the Farm Security Act of 2001 (H.R. 2646) is debated on the Senate Floor.

International Society for the Protection of
Exotic Animal Kind and Livestock, Inc.
(516) 925-4607 [email protected]

H.R.2646 states


`(a) DEFINITIONS- In this section:

`(1) HUMANELY EUTHANIZED- The term `humanely euthanized' means to kill an animal by mechanical, chemical, or other means that immediately render the animal unconscious, with this state remaining until the animal's death.

`(2) NONAMBULATORY LIVESTOCK- The term `nonambulatory livestock' means any livestock that is unable to stand and walk unassisted.


`(1) IN GENERAL- It shall be unlawful under section 312 for any stockyard
owner, market agency, or dealer to buy, sell, give, receive, transfer,
market, hold, or drag any nonambulatory livestock unless the nonambulatory
livestock has been humanely euthanized.


`(A) NON-GIPSA FARMS- Paragraph (1) shall not apply to any farm the animal care practices of which are not subject to the authority of the Grain
Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration.

`(B) VETERINARY CARE- Paragraph (1) shall not apply in a case in which
nonambulatory livestock receive veterinary care intended to render the
livestock ambulatory.'.


(1) IN GENERAL- The amendment made by subsection (a) takes effect 1 year
after the date of the enactment of this Act.

(2) REGULATIONS- Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this
Act, the Secretary of Agriculture shall promulgate regulations consistent
with the amendment, relating to the handling, treatment, and disposition of
nonambulatory livestock at livestock marketing facilities or by dealers

Staff: Veganradfem

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