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From 15 April 2002 Issue


An estimated 4 to 6 million dogs and cats are euthanized in America's animal shelters each year   because they are not wanted by anyone, anywhere.  We used 5 million to be safe.  (Reference: HSUS Pet Overpopulation)

Divide 5,000,000 by 365 to find out how many pets are killed each day (13,698.63)

Divide 13,698.63 by 24 to find out how many pets are killed each hour (570.776)

Divide the number of pets killed per hour by 60 to find out how many pets are killed per minute (9.51)

Divide 9.51 by 60 to find out how many pets are killed per second - that total is 0.15855

Number of dogs and cats in U.S. households:

In 1996 there were approximately 52.9 million dogs and 59.1 million cats living in households in the United States.

More households (31.6%) had dogs than cats (27.3%), but the average number of dogs per household was 1.69 and the average number of cats per household was 2.19.

Thus, more households have dogs, but cat-owning households tend to own more cats.

Purebred dogs:

The American Kennel Club, the largest breed registration organization in the U.S., registered 1,322,557 new individual dogs in 1996.

This is an increase of 45,518 animals from 1995, in which 1,277,039 animals were registered.

The HSUS estimates that 25-30% of the dogs that enter shelters nationwide are purebred.

Approximate number of animal shelters in the U.S.:

4,000 to 6,000

Average number of animals handled by an animal shelter in the U.S. each year:

5 to 7% of the human population of a community (5,000 to 7,000 animals per year in a community of 100,000 people).

Estimated number of animals entering U.S. animal shelters annually:

8 to 12 million

Estimated percentage of lost animals reunited with their owners by U.S. animal shelters each year:

4% (cats) to 14% (dogs)

Estimated number of animals euthanized by U.S. animal shelters each year  because homes are not available:

4 to 6 million. Although the number of animals euthanized varies by geographic region, approximately 30-60% of all animals brought into animal shelters are euthanized nationwide.

Number of litters a female cat can produce:

up to 3 per year

Number of kittens per litter:

4 to 6 in an average litter

Age at which a female cat can first produce a litter:

4 to 10 months

Gestation period (length of pregnancy) for cats:

58 to 70 days

Number of litters a female dog can produce:

up to 2 per year

Number of puppies per litter:

6-12 for medium or large breeds, 4 to 8 for smaller breeds

Age at which a female dog can first produce a litter:

7 to 9 months

Gestation period (length of pregnancy) for dogs:

58 to 71 days

As taken from the HSUS

Source: [email protected]  (Beatrice Welles)

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