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From Animals in Print 15 November 2000 Special Edition:


An article on page 65 of the November 13 NEWSWEEK, begins, "The first sign that something is very wrong with this forest is the silence."

The article, by Erika Check, entitled "The Silence of the Woods" can be read online at:  

It deals first with the conspicuous absence of the Miss Waldron's red colobus monkey, which has become extinct. Check then goes on to talk of the immediate threat to other species. She explains that logging destroys habitat and also gives bushmeat hunters roads for access into previously remote areas.

The article ends on a cautiously "up" note: "Biologists think it’s not too late to bring primates back from the brink. They say people can help primates—and all forest creatures—by creating more parks and funding understaffed ones. That may be the only way to keep the world’s forests echoing with boisterous noise for centuries to come."

This is a perfect opportunity for a quick note to Newsweek. We need to let magazines know that we appreciate their coverage of this important issue. You may like to add a few lines about the way our species treats this planet and the other species on it.

Newsweek takes letters at: [email protected]  

Thanks to DawnWatch subscriber Celeste [email protected]   for the tip on this article!

Source: Karen [email protected]

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