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From 17 March 2001 Issue:

Reader needs advice


My name is Cindy Shadrick. I live in Salem, Oregon. I used to have a beautiful 6 1/2 yr. old German Shepherd, until February 18, 2001. That's when Salem Police Dept. came to my home with a canine unit and stationed it in my back yard, where my dog used for a bathroom. They came looking for my niece's boyfriend,whom was not there at the time,

They (police) knocked on the door, my 15 yr. old son opened the door, thinking it was one of his friends, Barron walked on to the porch checking out who was in his yard, when he spotted the "dog" in his territory. A fight preceded amongst the dogs. One officer yelled contain your dog, another is yelling shoot the dog, another yelling get your dog or we'll shoot. At this point I'm out side almost to the dogs when I stopped because of hearing someone yell " shoot ! shoot ! " I said " WAIT ! Let me wake my husband, he will stop this." Before I could turn a shot was fired, my dog yelped and ran into the house. By this time I'm hysterical.

I ran after my dog and noticed a a bullet whole in his mid stomach area, They had GUT shot him.

All the Police were concerned about was getting me out of the picture now because I went ballistic at this point. Several times they encouraged me to take bear to the vets. I knew already he was dying, but so he wouldn't suffer anymore I took him in. I had to have him euthanized because the bullet, a 9mm blew his insides up.

They justify the shooting by telling the news they had no choice but to shoot because we wouldn't contain our dog. My son is 15 yrs. old and we both seen a gun drawn on the animals fighting. I was scared to move.

They also justify the shooting by saying my dog was a vicious animal that would attack anything, at least that again is what they told the news.

I've lived in this house for 10 1/2 years and Barron for the last four. NEVER in all that time have I had a problem unless an animal came into his yard. Even then he never killed anything !!!!!!

The police also try to justify the shooting by saying the person they were looking for was a runner and that they needed the canine. I have proof otherwise. I'm looking for legal help as we speak, but I want people to know what they did was WRONG!! EXCESSIVE !! And trying to put my 15 yr. son between a trained killer and a dog defending his territory also a bullet, to me constitutes CHILD ENDANGERMENT !!

I am writing this story to you in hopes you can give me some pointers on how to raise funds for legal fees, like doing a fund raiser, or opening an account in care of Barron for legal fees. Because, If I can't find an attorney who works on contingency basis I was told I needed $ 5000.00 to get it to trial. If you can't help me with ideas, can you give me names of someone who can?????????? Here's food for thought.......Does this mean........If your dog comes into my yard and my dog attacks it, Do you or I have the right to shoot ???????

Thank you for listening,
Cindy Shadrick

Write to Cindy at: [email protected]

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