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From 17 March 2001 Issue:

Elephant Fact Sheet 3/08/01
Sharing my email with you

Dear Linda:

I have and will continue to sign every petition in circulation pertaining to "animals in the circus" and cross posted.

I have been to two circus' in my goal was not to watch the "RING" acts,,,,,,, I snuck behind the scenes.

I saw the small trailer "cages if you will" these large elephants are smashed into. They do stand in their own waste. They are sad,,,,,,, you can read it in their eyes.

One elephant in particle caught my eyes. She seemed to be very old or maybe it was due to "lack of care" I am not sure.

As I got closer to her trailer, our eyes met. She was afraid of me! My heart sunk to my feet AS I as sure hers did too, but out of fear.

I thought I could possibly win her over by talking,, that didn't' work. I began singing lullaby's to her,,,,,,, I'm not the greatest singer,,,, but She liked it ...... I began to cry as I was singing to her,,,,, she was trying to touch me with kindness.

I wanted, so badly, to free her..... I gotta stop now,,,, cuz I am seeing her face and crying again.

Thank you for all you do.

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