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From 17 March 2001 Issue:

Veterinarian Charged with Abuse to Animals

~Justice For Lucy~

To witness abuse of a helpless, suffering and frightened dog is a tormenting circumstance. It is not unlike a pediatrician hitting an unsettled, helpless and frightened child during an office visit. Lucy deserves justice.

On August 31st, 1999, an 8th month old Springer Spaniel was admitted for care at Crestview Animal Hospital in Kalamazoo Michigan. Lucy suffered from a broken spine after being hit by a car. On Sept 2nd, a technician stated to Lisa Marie Tabor (technician) that Dr. Ginsberg “dropped Lucy on the cement floor the day before because he was angry with her (Lucy) while trying to put her in a cage” after giving her an X-Ray.

Lucy fell from her cage on the evening of Sept. 1, left alone for an entire evening, unable to walk. The latch to her cage was not properly closed. On September 2nd, (Lisa Marie Tabor) witnessed Lucy being abused. The doctor had attempted to move Lucy, she cried out in pain from the movement, he then slugged her in the chest, causing her to fall over on her side, and she further cried from the pain.

With each movement Lucy suffered pain from her broken back and she was unable to walk. Yet on her medical records and by observation, only one pain injection was administered to Lucy throughout her stay at Crestview Animal Hospital.

After Lisa Marie filed complaints to the proper authorities for the abuse to Lucy and other incidents within the clinic, many more employees/witnesses came forward and filed other allegations of abuse and neglect concerning animal patients.

Following an investigation, the state of Michigan combined seven separate complaints into the charges against Dr. Ginsberg in September of 2000, which include:

(Allegedly allowing unlicensed personnel to treat animals; failing to maintain clinic hygiene, including failing to sterilize dental instruments and syringes after use; using "super glue" during cat declawing procedures; dispensing expired drugs and medication to animals; abusing and neglecting animals; and failing to timely euthanize some animals. (These complaints were published in the Kalamazoo Gazette).

There will be a hearing in June of this year. Please send your letters to express your concern to the following authorities. This case had dragged on for too long. To view charges and news articles please visit:
Thank you.


Department of Consumer and Industry Bureau of Health Services

PO Box 30670 Lansing, MI 48909-8170 517-241-2389 voice 517-335-4886 fax/ E-Mail: [email protected]

Attorney General of Michigan-Health Professional Division
525 West Ottowa
G. Mennen Williams Bldg
STE. 620
Lansing, Michigan 48953
517-373-1101 voice
517-241-1997 fax
E-Mail: [email protected] 

Sample Letter:


As an animal owner and a concerned citizen, I must insist that the case concerning Dr. Steven Ginsberg continue to be taken seriously by both Michigan's Department of Consumer and Industry and the Attorney General.

According to information on the Internet, there is a big increase in the number of vets who have complaints against them. Frankly, we are sick and tired of these veterinarians being looked upon as sacred cows by justice officials from prosecutors to judges. Have these people no backbone anymore?

The mentality of Dr. Ginsberg is shown below in his own words, which appeared in the Sunday, November 28, 1999 edition of the Kalamazoo Gazette. (State Probes Against Kalamazoo Veterinarian).

Dr. Ginsberg stated when explaining how he abused Lucy, a dog in his "care":

"With an open hand, I hit him [sic] on the side of his chest trying to get him to lay down . . . adding that the dog had a broken back, was in pain and was unable to lay down to receive treatment. I hit him right by the front legs, as soon as I did, it stopped crying." "I'll use an open hand and hit them sometimes. I've slapped dogs sometimes when they try to bite. But I don't believe I've been abusive to any dogs."

On October 14, 1999, a meeting was held which included five veterinarian technicians. Also in attendance were Pat Parker, Kalamazoo Animal Control, and Aaron Winters, Kalamazoo Humane Society Director. According to other technicians' statements, which were tape recorded, Dr. Ginsberg abused and neglected many other animals in the past and in instances death occurred from his abuse and neglect.

This story has been transmitted across the Internet resulting in the attention of thousands of people nationwide. We can no longer sit by while he continues to batter dogs and cats because Michigan justice officials couldn't care less and refuse to take charges against him seriously.

Lucy was a defenseless patient who suffered critical injury and was further subjected to neglect and abuse. Being slugged for crying and falling from her cage to be left alone for an entire evening are the acts of cruelty and neglect perpetrated by Ginsberg. Had Lucy been a "helpless child patient" this would not be tolerated. Or, would it. After all, this IS Michigan.

Sincerely, -Your Name-

Information: [email protected]
Sample Letter: [email protected]

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