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From 18 March 2003 Issue

Felony Charges asked for Abused and Tortured Rabbits

Below is an account of a horrific animal abuse case ... pleas e-mail, fax, call etc. I have included a sample letter to use in full or in part.

Please contact:

Thomas J. Spota, District Attorney
Suffolk County District Attorney
Building #77 N County Complex
Hauppauge, NY 11787
Phone: 631-853-4161
Fax: 631-853-5117
Email: [email protected]  

The following is updated contact information for District Attorney Spota, and others for this case. We continue to urge you to write (via U.S. mail) or call with regard to this case.

Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota [email protected]  

Suffolk County Executive Robert Gaffney [email protected]  

Additionally, legal directories show this e-address for Spota: [email protected]  

US Mail only:

Thomas J. Spota
Suffolk County District Attorney
PO Box 6100
Hauppauge NY 11788-0099

Other delivery services and telegrams:

Thomas J. Spota
Suffolk County District Attorney
Building 77
North County Complex
Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge NY 11788

District Attorney Fax Numbers:

Also, please join the Petition Campaign and sign the petition that is being forwarded to District Attorney Spota with regard to this case.

Access the petition at  

Here is a sample letter you can cut and paste

Dear DA Spota,

On February 10, Channel 2, the CBS affiliate in New York, aired a news segment which showed a Long Island family abusing rabbits who they were raising for food. The home video showed, among other things, rabbits being being repeatedly hit in the head with "karate chops," thrown to the family dog who was encouraged to go after them and who bit them about the neck, and then finally being dangled by the hind legs and skinned alive, while fully conscious and screaming in agony. During all this, family members laughed and enjoyed themselves.

While the raising of rabbits for meat is legal, the treatment of the rabbits in the video is clearly illegal and grossly cruel. The video, for instance, clearly showed a rabbit being skinned alive. The local authorities are planning, as was reported by Long Island's Newsday, to charge the individuals with one count of misdemeanor cruelty. How can this be possible? I urge you to charge these individuals with felony cruelty to animals, and demand the harshest possible sentence. A strong message needs to be sent out to the public that this kind of cruelty cannot be tolerated in a civilized society, and that to condone this cruelty, performed for entertainment, is the worst possible message that we as a society can send.


Source: [email protected]  


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