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From 19 August 2001 Issue

Editorial - Standing Tall

As Animal Rights activists we face many obstacles.  Standing tall takes strength.  It means facing the scorn, prejudice, ridicule and misunderstanding of others.

In this newsletter I will share many of the different situations that face humans.

We are activists not because we just chose to do so, but because we have an inner voice that feels the pain of others, all those helpless and vulnerable.  This is what we are, our souls ache most of the time.

This special ability is given to us as our mission in life.  Our biggest challenge is to find ways to make others understand and see the suffering, to feel the pain, and "Stand Tall" with us.  Thus ending the ravaging of our planet, its resources and its inhabitants.

Humans do not see that rather than being the pinnacle of living creatures, we are unfortunately the most shameless, vain, greedy, power happy, destructive life force to ever inhabit this world we call earth.  If we do not end the rape of this planet and its inhabitants we will destroy our planet.

It's our choices, Stand tall or take the fall.

My first example is probably one that is the most heartfelt.

1) "Falling Down while Standing Tall"

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