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1 February 2001
Special Edition

Hi there,

I just received this very informative email. I felt I must share it with all of my readers. Please write and protest these slaughterhouse horrors. We must speak out LOUDLY NOW for the voiceless.

URGENT : Please protest unnecessary slaughterhouse cruelty USA

Source:  (Beatrice Welles)

This is so awful... please write! you will need to do an awful lot of cutting and pasting, but the animals deserve this from us, if nothing else... Beatrice Voices for the Voiceless Sedona, AZ "Teach respect for the Earth & all living Creatures"



Dear Friend of animals,

The Washington State Patrol, with the help of two other state agencies, hopes to conclude its investigation this month into whether slaughter or animal cruelty laws were violated at the IBP slaughterhouse. A Walla Walla County prosecutor then will decide whether to press charges.

Please write/fax/email to:
1: Attorney General Christine Gregoire.
2: Washington State Governor Gary Locke.
3: All of the Washington State Legislators.

All of their contact info is enclosed at the end of the sample letter.

The following sample letter applies to Attorney General, Governor, and all of the State Legislators . However, the "Requests" may be slightly different when addressed to different people :

(Please address to the correct people for each letter you wrote. You may modify our Sample letter in your style if you choose to.)



Dear Honorable Attorney General,

We would like to Request:
Please Prosecute IBP COMPANY located at Wallula, Washington State against its extreme Animal cruelty at its IBP slaughterhouse.

Atrocities are happening to thousands of cattle every week in slaughterhouses in Washington State and throughout the US, according to numerous sworn affidavits from meat industry workers.

If IBP Company is not prosecuted and penalized, the cruelty will continue ... We will have no choice but to advise all of our friends, members to stop traveling to Washington State for pleasure. We will also advise all of the friends and members stop buying any of the commercial products and services made from Washington State. We will also advise our government not to buy your commercial products especially your "Meat and Dairy" products due to the cruelty.

Hidden camera videotape obtained by the Humane Farming Association (HFA)-shows, among other atrocities, live cows dangling upside down from a moving conveyor, animals being trampled, and a conscious cow having an electric prod held in her mouth.

And it's not just cows that suffer in slaughterhouses. Pigs are subjected to similar abuses. Some who survive stunning are dragged through tanks of scalding water, kicking and squealing until they drown.

With animals whizzing by at the rate of one every few seconds, workers report that they cannot ensure that each animal is rendered unconscious. But workers say they'll be fired if they stop the production line.

U.S.Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman conceded on Feb 11, 1999 in an interview with C-SPAN Washington Journal that the ENFORCEMENT of the Humane Slaughter Act is almost NON-EXISTENT !

An former Veterinarian Dr. Lester Friedlander, worked for USDA for 15 years had signed affidavit and stated that :

"When the USDA issued regulations in 1979 to assure the consumer that animals were being humanely handled and slaughtered, IT WAS ONLY PAPERWORK. IT'S ONLY A BIG COVER-UP....... Because when we try to enforce the regulations at the lowest level, our supervisors in Washington start hiding. They don't want to hear anything about it. ..... They are just trying to cover themselves for the future so when they retire they can get a job as a consultant. Many of the former training officers, area supervisors, regional directors, agency administrators, Washington staff officers moved directly into industry jobs as high pay consultants......". (Please refer "Slaughterhouse" documentary book by Gail Eisnitz)

On May 31, 2000, a coalition of animal protection, consumer, and worker organizations held a press conference to further expose the IBP Slaughterhouse cruelty . Affidavits from numerous IBP-Wallula slaughterhouse workers were included with the petition. Following are part of the excerpts from some of those affidavits:


At IBP-Wallula, stun operators are often unable to render cattle unconscious, as evidenced by the following affidavits:

Affidavit #6, paragraphs 5 and 9:
"There's a problem for me with knocking the cows. The chain goes too fast, more than 300 cows an hour....If I can't get the animal knocked right, it keeps going....The chain doesn't stop. It keeps running. It never stops. The cows are getting hung alive or not alive. They keep coming in. They just keep coming, coming, coming."

Affidavit #3, paragraph 7:
"The problem in the knocking box is that you have to work real fast because the chain is too fast and the animals that come into the box are jumping everywhere. And don't shoot the cow really right. And you let him go like that. And the shacklers, they get them like that, and so they shackle them alive...."

Affidavit #4, paragraph 4:
"The majority of the time, the knockers are in such a hurry that they can't knock the cows good enough. Some of the cows get up and run around chasing. When cows are hung alive on the chain, they look like they are trying to get unhooked to run."

Affidavit #3, paragraph 4:
"I estimate that 30 percent of the cows are not properly knocked and get to the first legger alive....To still be alive at the second legger the cows have gone alive from the knocker to the sticker to the belly ripper (he cuts the hide down the center of the cow's abdomen) to the tail ripper (he opens the [rectum]) to the first legger (he skins a back leg and then cuts off the foot) to the first butter (he skins from the breast to the belly and a little bit on the back) to the worker who cuts off both front feet. Those cows then go to a worker who sticks a hook into the joint where the first legger took off the foot and the cows are hung from the trolley hook. I can tell that these cows are alive because they're holding their heads up and a lot of times they make noise."

Affidavit #6, paragraph 6, 7, 8:
"...All the workers can open the legs, the stomach, the neck, cut off the feet while the cow is breathing. It makes noise...And the cattle go down the line for many minutes and they're still alive. They cut the legs and everything. The cattle move their eyes and their nose. They're looking around.

"Sometimes the supervisor comes and works on the live cows. They don't want workers to stop the chain, so when the live cows are really active, workers are supposed to honk the horn and the supervisor will come to help them skin the live cow....I would estimate that one out of ten cows is still alive when it's bled and skinned."

Affidavit #8, paragraph 4:
"About thirty percent of the cows are still alive down the line. Sometimes more. I would see that they would be hanging there, trying to pick up their heads, they would move back and forth on the shackle, they would be blinking their eyes and looking around. You know they're alive because they are breathing real hard, they make noise, they kick the other cows, and it moves the whole chain."


Affidavit #10, paragraph 3:
"I got kicked in the jaw by a cow that had been knocked but it was still alive. They had already knocked the cow and it was still alive and it kicked me under the chin. I received seven stitches for that."

Affidavit #16, paragraph 23:
"There are accidents because the cows are still alive. At the back hoof, the cow was kicking and it cut off one worker's three fingers. The cows are kicking and jumping and everything. And the company didn't save the fingers, so the worker lost them...."

Affidavit #17, paragraph 2:
"...I had two accidents because the cows were still alive at the first legger and they kicked me in my face twice. The first time I went on nine months of light duty because I got kicked in the face. My lips were cut and my teeth were driven up into my mouth. Because of these accidents...I moved from the first leg to the second legger.... Unfortunately, the cows are still alive at the second legger."

One Washington slaughterhouse worker says : "Cows can get ten minutes down the line and still be alive. All the hide is stripped out down to the neck there." According to another, "Workers open the hide on the legs, the stomach, the neck, they cut off the feet while the cow is breathing. It makes noise. It's looking around." Still another says, "Their eyes look like they are popping out. I feel bad that I have to do my job on them." (please refer to :   )


We would be grateful to you for your compassion and help to enforce the law . Thanks.

Sincerely Yours,
Your Name,

(End of the sample letter .)


The following are the contact info. for Attorney General, Governor and ALL of the Legislators in Washington State :

1: Attorney General Christine Gregoire
Tel: (360) 753-6200,
in U.S.A. Fax: (360) 664-0228,
E-mail : 

Address :
1125 Washington St. SE
P. O. Box 40100
Olympia, Washington 98504-0100

2: Contact Governor Gary Locke :

Governor Gary Locke
Office of the Governor
PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504-0002
Tel: (360) 902-4111 (in U.S.A.)
Fax : (360) 753-4110 (in U.S.A.)
TTY/TDD : (360) 753-6466 (U.S.A.)

Or send an email thru the following website :  

(NOTE: sample letter to Governor is the same as the one to Attorney General in the above sample letter. Please address to : Dear Honorable Governor. ) ---------------------------------------------------------------

3: Send an Email to ALL OF THE STATE LEGISLATORS : (This include all of the Senators and Representatives. The entire list is enclosed below .).

The sample letter to All of the Legislators should be the same as the one to Attorney General. Only the "Request " is slightly different. Just simply remove the first paragraph in the above sample letter :

"Please Prosecute IBP COMPANY at Walla Walla County, in Washington State against its extreme Animal cruelty at the IBP slaughterhouse. "

And replacing with :

"Please strongly URGE State Attorney General Christine Gregoire to Prosecute IBP COMPANY at Wallula , Washington against its extreme Animal cruelty at the IBP slaughterhouse. "

The entire Legislator's list enclosed below :

Please copy the following entire legislators' list and paste into the "BCC" field(note: it must have a comma between addresses which we already provided for you), then put any of your address in the "TO" field. Then type your letter and Subject . Put your name, address and country name at the end of your letter. Then check everything correctly entered, then hit "Send". In case, if you did wrong, you may need to re-do it again.

Just simply address to : Dear Honorable Legislator. At end of your email, write down your Name, Address & Country. (Note: All of the following addresses are ended with ).  


Thanks so much for your kindness, caring, and real action .

Sincerely yours,
Citizens concerns.

P.S. : If you have time, you may read the following article : at: , then click " Is Your Burger Worth It ? " on the upper left corner . You can reach the author of the article Jim Lynch to Thank to him at Tel: 360-867-9503, or by e-mail him at   If you would like to respond to the article, please send your letter to: 

Important References :

1:  click "take action".
3: "Slaughterhouse" documentary book by Gail Eisnitz.

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SOURCE:  (Beatrice Welles)

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