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From 23 March 2004 Issue


IDITAROD - Shameless Bloody Bu$ine$$ on the Backs of Man's Best Friends!!! 

The romantics [sled racing dog owners (read: mercenaries!)] pretend this is some extension of a Jack London novel. Hell no. This is a not-so-novel Jack The Ripper crime against man's best friend. It sullies the meaning of sport.

In addition to fluid in the lungs, bleeding stomach ulcers occur, as does general cramping, dislocations, fractures, muscle and tendon tears, tendinitis, dehydration, hypothermia, raw paws, penile frostbite and viruses.>> [To say nothing of the dogs' MENTAL agony...]
See the following two articles:
What Iditarod Does To Dogs Is True March Madness
As Death Toll of Dogs Rises, So Does Iditarod's Insanity

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