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From 4 May 2004 Issue

Beware of these 27 remaining Random Source Class B dealers who are allegedly selling dogs and/or cats to laboratories for experimentation:

Names to be Allegedly be WARY of for rescue people.
Random Source Class B - Dog and Cat Dealers
Random Source Dog and Cat Dealers
  John Pesnell, Pesnell Kennels (Arab)

  C. C. and Jeanette Baird, Martin Creek Kennels (Williford)

  Glenn Lawton, Team Associates (Dayville)

  Michael Cooper, Triple C Farms (St. Joseph)

  Gene Clark, Salt Creek Kennel (Trafalgar);
  John and Mark Lynch, LBL Kennels (Reelsville)

  Dennis and Toots Conrad, Conrad Livestock (Keota)

  Fred Hodgins, Hodgins Kennels (Howell);
  Mark Ulrich, Cheri-Hill Kennel and Supply (Stanwood);
  Roberta and James Woudenberg, R&R Research (Howard City)

  Kenneth Schroeder (Wells)

  Mildred and Danny Schachtele, Middlefork Kennels (Salisbury)

  New Jersey:
  West Jersey Biological Services, Inc. (Wenonah)

  New York:
  Ray and Valerie Dolan, R & V Kennels (North Java)

  North Carolina:
  Carolina Biological Supply Company (Burlington);
  Barbara Phillips, Pearcroft Cattery (Beaufort);
  S. E. Lab Animal Farm, Inc. (Raleigh);
  Simons, L.B.S. Biological, Inc. (Graham);
  John Wise, Carolina Kennel (Dunn);
  John H. and Eva Wise, Hillside Kennel (Four Oaks)

  Andrea Ball, Kiser Lake Kennels (St. Paris)

  Henry Lee Cooper, C & C Kennels (Wewoka);
  James Hester, Anamerica, Inc. (Pryor);
  Henry Lee Cooper, C&C Kennels (Wewoka)

  Mike Kredovski, Biomedical Associates, Inc. (Friedensburg);
  Bruce Rotz (Shippensburg)

  Preston Cates, Jr. (Dunlap)

Alleged source:
Forward from FLA Dog Rescue through FLDR
Forwarded alleged source, [email protected]

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