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From 4 May 2004 Issue

Bush, Your Record Is Being Graded

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Throughout his term, the Bush Administration has repeatedly said one thing to the American public, but done something very different. From speaking pro-environment while rolling back key environmental protections, to placing the interests of his polluting-industry cronies ahead of the public's interest in clean air and clean water, to misusing science for his own political objectives.

As we move closer to Election Day 2004, here are some environmental reasons to question Bush's Presidential record:

** Bush supports the importation and sale of some of the most endangered species in the world.

** Bush has threatened our historic Clean Water Act by telling the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers staff to stop enforcing Clean Water Act protections for many of the nation's wetlands, ponds, and streams.

** Bush dropped out of the Kyoto treaty, and then failed to offer alternative solutions that address and attempt to slow global warming, despite ominous warnings from scientists around the world, and even the Pentagon.

** Bush received the first ever failing grade on the League of Conservation Voters' Presidential Report Card for his abysmal environmental record.

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