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From 4 July 2004 Issue

Call and protest
Dog allegedly shot and killed

On Sunday evening, June 27, 2004 my little 20 pound beagle, Maggie who was 2 years old was shot and killed by a neighbor of mine who lives just beyond the woods.  He came to our home on Monday and admitted that he shot Maggie for no reason other than he suspected I took his Jack Russell who went missing several months before.  I do  K9 rescue work from my home and certainly did not steal his dog.   He said Maggie was not bothering him in anyway and was with our other beagle, Daisy who is traumatized terribly.  He said they were standing in the lane and he just snapped and shot Maggie.  He tried to shoot Daisy  as well but missed her.  He told us he thought he only injured our Maggie and he shot her with bird shot from some far distance.  He assured us she would come home and he would pay the vet bills.  Sadly, Maggie did not come home and I found her while searching frantically for her on Tuesday at the edge of this man's driveway on our family farm.  He had to ride by her everyday and look at this baby decaying.  I know my Maggie suffered horribly.  My vet examined her remains and verified she was shot with a slug. 

   Our local sheriff is telling us it is not a felony.  It is a Class 1 felony in this state to shoot a dog for vengeance or premeditation.  Nothing has been done to arrest this man as of yet.  Please help by calling the sheriff's office at 252-426-5615 and asking what is being done about this senseless killing.  The man who shot my dog is Wayne Forehand.  Please let us all ban together on this and get justice for Maggie.  Too many dogs are being killed like this and nothing is being done.  Please send this to as many folks as you can.  We need all the calls at that  sheriff's department as we can get.  We have to push him to make that felony charge.  I really need your help on this one.  I am begging you to please call.  To verify this info, please contact the Perquimans County SPCA president, Keith 252-426-6517 or 252-426-4600 or my vet, Robin Stamey, DVM at 252-338-5040. 

   Thanks so much.

Wendy P. Lowe
Tender Paws K9 Rescue
Hertford, NC

May all beings be free from danger.

May all beings be free from mental suffering.
May all beings be free from physical suffering.
May all beings be enabled to carry out life in peace and happiness.

(Buddhist Prayer for Peace)

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