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From 17 December 2004 Issue

Farm Sanctuary URGENTLY Needs Your Help Saving These Animals
From Horrible Death/Ending Their Misery

Authorities recently responded to a cruelty case in Southern California involving nearly 500 animals, including hundreds of farm animals, living in miserable conditions on one acre of property.

In two years, 72-year-old Blackie Blackwell "collection" of animals has swollen to include 30 goats, 20-30 geese, 100 ducks, 100 chickens, 228 potbellied pigs, and severalcats, dogs, parakeets, and injured wild birds. All are in need of immediate rescue.

The animals are living crowded together in dilapidated, makeshift pens, composed of rotting plywood floorboards, chicken wire, and damaged chain-link fencing. Surrounded by trash and standing in feces, the animals are sick and urgently in need of veterinary care. The ducks, geese and chickens are suffering from multiple bacterial infections and the pigs have a contagious form of mange. Many of the female pigs are also pregnant.

Last month, local Animal Control officers in Wildomar, CA decided to "exterminate" (by shooting) the animals unless they can be rescued.

Help is urgently needed to save these animals from a horrible death and to end their misery.

Mr. Blackwell is a textbook example of an animal "hoarder" or "collector." Like most hoarders, he could not recognize or refused to acknowledge that the animals were suffering. For more information about hoarding, visit Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine or the New York Humane Association.

At this time, these animals are desperately in need of healthcare treatments, as well as surgeries. Tammy Sandon, who operates the nearby Sandon Shangri-La, Home of All Creatures Big and Small Foundation, learned of this case and has thankfully intervened, along with the help of Farm Sanctuary member Priscilla Gargalis, convincing local officials to allow more time to find foster care and placement for the animals. 40 hens

have been placed at Animal Place sanctuary, but the remaining animals must still be removed from Mr. Blackwell's property as soon as possible.

                       We need your help!


With the enormous number of animals involved, rescue costs are estimated to total $40,000. We are in need of immediate donations to raise funds for this emergency rescue. Your contribution will pay for: spaying and neutering, treatment for bacterial infections, mange, and other conditions, blood tests for Brucellosis and Pseudorabies required for transport, and transport from Wildomar, California to permanent, lifelong homes.

As we write today, these animals are still living in miserable conditions. . .please help us come to their rescue!

Please call 607-583-2225, ext. 221 with credit card information, mail donations to Farm Sanctuary, P.O. Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891, or use our secure online form to make an emergency donation to fund this and other urgent rescues.


If you are able to temporarily foster any of the animals currently living on Mr. Blackwell's property, or if you are able to provide a permanent home for one of these very needy animals, please contact our placement coordinator at 607-583-2276 ext. 223 or write to mailto: [email protected]


Are you a veterinarian living in California with experience neutering potbellied pigs and/or goats, or a kind individual with experience handling potbellied pigs, goats, waterfowl, and/or chickens? If so, we need your help! To help us treat these suffering animals and transport them safely to their new homes, please call 607-583-2276 ext. 223 or write to mailto:[email protected]

Farm Sanctuary is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to ending farm animal abuse through direct rescue and protection campaigns. For more information about Farm Sanctuary programs, please visit
 or call 607-583-2225. To become a Farm Sanctuary member or to make a donation today using our secure online form, please go to this website:
. For updates on previous action alerts, please go to this website:

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