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From 2 January 2006 Issue

America's New Gestapo

New York Times  issue (December 20, 2005) shocked
most true Americans by revealing that the FBI and other
agencies have been conducting undercover operations
against animal rights organizations and vegan societies
including Greenpeace, PETA, and a group of terrorist
vegans in Indianapolis. I had first-hand knowledge of
the third group's plan to substitute soymilk for
the traditional cow's milk drink at the conclusion

of last year's Indy 500 race. Had they succeeded,
America would have been deeply wounded. Sadly, members
of that plot were terminated with extreme prejudice.
When is the last time you heard of a vegan from Indy?
You will not, as they have all quietly been disposed of.

I was not surprised by the NY Times revelation, and if you
are a regular reader of the Notmilk letter, you should not
have been shocked either. Sixteen months ago, on August 7,
2004, I alerted my readers and the vegetarian and A.R.
comunity by predicting:

"...all American AR activists have been targeted
as domestic terrorists by undercover USDA agents who
infiltrate AR groups. These spies in our midst hope
to stop out-of-control humans from spreading Mad
Cow Disease or anthrax or a host of other diseases
to which cows occasionally play host. How poorly
misunderstood are the intentions of most alturistic
people in the AR movement who are, in reality, the
true heroes of the 2 million or more species of
non-human earthlings."

Last week, George Bush lied to America by telling
us that illegally recorded phone conversations were
taped only from people communicating with overseas
Al Queda operatives. Do not be naive. A terrorist
by any other name is a terrorist, and domestic vegans
represent all that is un-American by hating Texas barbecues.
Hot dogs with mustard at baseball games. Fish fries.
Charity chicken roasts. Free turkey giveaways at
Thanksgiving. FBI and other agencies continue to use
all of their resources to monitor your (our) activities.
Recent news stories news deliver us all to a new America,
and I yearn for the return of those days before America's
new Gestapo acted in ways that continue to teach the rest
of the world to despise my nation's New World Order.

Robert Cohen
[email protected]

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