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From 2 January 2006 Issue

Sending dogs to China

WE have had more reports of people wanting to buy dogs to send to China as pets and showdogs - especially the collie, border collie, samoyed, Bernese mountain dogs, Newfoundland and St Bernard type breeds. Please do not take these inquiries as legitimate, even if they come from "sweet old Kiwi couples". Any dogs sold to these people (and I am ashamed to say some New Zealanders have abandoned any morality they may have had and joined forces with scumbag dealers in the pursuit of money offered) are destined for the dog skin, fur and meat markets.

By law the Chinese people may not own or import any dog over 12 inches high as a pet or for show. Larger dogs are usually smuggled over the borders in atrocious conditions piled high in cages on trucks and usually there are losses to heat and sickness with no water or food available.

If they make the trip alive they go straight to the dealers where they are either processed straight away or kept to breed from for a while before being processed.

If there are any breeders out there who have been pressured to sell their dogs for sending to China as "pets" please email me with as many details as you can remember: [email protected] or inquire through the SPCA or the Kennel Club.

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