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From 16 January 2006 Issue

Ban Sale of Dog and Cat Fur


When:       THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2006  11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Where:      CHINESE CONSULATE, 443 SHATTO PLACE, Los Angeles 90020

(Two long blocks north of Wilshire; 1 block east of Vermont)

RSVP or for more info: Bill Dyer at 310-301-7730 or: [email protected]  

Your presence is urgently needed at a forthcoming peaceful demonstration to protest the horrific, unspeakable treatment of dogs, cats and other wild species in China, the largest exporter of fur in the world.

Undercover footage, as seen on Larry King Live (CNN) last month, documents animals being slammed against the ground or being bashed with clubs.  Some animals are skinned alive and thrown onto a pile of other dead and dying animals where they continue to live for up to 30 minutes.

The undercover investigation into the production and sale of cat and dog fur began nearly 8 years ago with Humane Society of the US sending an investigator into China to determine how extensive the trade was.  It turned out to be a staggering 2 million cats and dogs raised under cruel conditions and then skinned alive, strangled or stabbed solely for their furs and skins.  There is no cultural aspect of this - it is purely for money.

Undercover investigators documented warehouses in China filled to capacity with skins and pelts awaiting shipment to the US, Russia
and the EU.Asian merchants bragged that they could fraudulently label any item to confuse consumers, dye it to appear as though it was faux fur (or even mink) or not label it at all.

The US banned the import, export, sale and production of cat and dog fur in the US in 2002 -- when evidence was shown that dog fur was being sold on parka jackets at the Burlington Coat Factory and on cat figurines on sale at Hallmark.  Both retailers had no idea the items contained real fur.

It is imperative that we send a message around the world.  The press mainly cares about the number of participants at protests, so please attend and bring your friends.

Since 2006 is, ironically, THE YEAR OF THE DOG in China, we are requesting that you bring a dog with you to the demonstration, if you wish.

Banners, posters and leaflets will be provided. Please keep your companion animal on a leash.  Dog sanitation will be monitored.  Street parking, some metered, is available (bring quarters). 

Please attend, rain or shine.

Please visit  for more information.

Join to Ban Sales of

Dog and Cat Fur!

Earlier this year, Heather Mills McCartney held a news conference in Brussels at the European Parliament, at which she condemned the current trade in dog and cat fur as "barbaric" and called for a Europe-wide ban.

Heather and Paul have launched a new campaign to stop the terrible international trade in cat and dog fur. 
More than two million animals are skinned alive in China each year purely for their pelts, and when Heather was sent a video exposing the cruelty, she felt she had to act.  She joined Euro MP Struan Stevenson at the European Parliament in March 2005  to highlight the barbarity of this trade and brought it to the attention of the world's media in September 2005 with high-profile protests in America in association with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

What You Can Do....

Avoid all fur products. Without extensive testing, it is impossible to be sure whether a fur product is made from dog or cat fur. Furthermore, the trade in fur-whether it be cat, dog, or any animal-is cruel.

Tell everyone you know about the trade in dog and cat fur. Once people understand that these garments, trims, and figurines are the product of the brutal slaughtering of dogs and cats, they won't want to buy them. If the market disappears, manufacturers will stop making the products.

Distribute Betrayal of Trust brochures.

Raise awareness at department stores and gift shops. A store manager may not know that some of their merchandise may be made of dog or cat fur. Tell store managers about the global trade in dog and cat fur and about the ban on dog and cat fur products in the United States, Australia and parts of Europe. Ask them to discontinue the sale of all fur items in their stores. Provide the store with some background on the issue

Bring attention to the sale of these products in your community. Write letters to the editor of the local paper. Contact your local television news station and ask them to do an investigative report.

Sign Petition

Spread the Word....

Most people are not aware of this horrendous trade so it is also important to educate them about the situation. You can contact Respect for Animals and The Humane Society International for further information or visit their websites at: 


Also, keep an eye on Heather's website:
for further updates on how to help.

Contact the embassies of countries where dogs and cats are slaughtered for their fur and skin. Urge them to bring an end to this atrocity.



All info from: PETS & ANIMALS IN DISTRESS     
Submitted by: [email protected]     

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