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From 16 January 2006 Issue

Stop the transfer of elephant Djanom

Elephant named "Djanom" will come in Belgrade zoo ( as a gift from Maharadza Randir Sindh to Serbian karate champion Tanja Petrovic)
Sponsor of trip will be Serbian basketball star Vlade Divac-( playing in NBA more than 10 years.)


about Vlade Divac
Executive Director
Call Vlade Divac:
1-877-7GROUP7 (747-6877)

Or write an email:

Sample letter:
when you include
Cc: [email protected]
we will upload your letter on zoo website

To: Vlade Divac
[email protected]
E-Mail subject: for Flade Divac/ about Elephant "Djanom"

Dear Vlade,

I am writing this letter to express my concerns for the elephant named "Djanom" that suppose to come (as a gift from Maharadza) to the Belgrade Zoo. As we read from newspapers You will be a sponsor of that transfer (and this is why I want to address this letter to You) in hope that you will be able to understand why this poor elephant should not be one of the residents of Belgrade zoo.

Belgrade Zoo is one of the worst zoos in the world…. with poor, distressed, self mutilated animals in small cages can not offer to normal children anything but traumatic experience. Belgrade zoo is house of horror, and only some sick person could enjoy in that kind of "animal presentation".

Belgrade Zoo has variety of animals that should NOT live on such a high temperatures (witch Belgrade endure every year)… almost all animals are in bad shape and they must be transferred in sanctuaries witch can offer them care and space.

Many citizens, activists and organizations are ready to help animals in Belgrade zoo, but zoo director wants to avoid that, and somehow Belgrade media do not want to confront with zoo director?
Last month Belgrade zoo got new prisoners, cheetahs and 2 white tiger cubs??!!!
4 white bear cubs are added 2 " the zoo new born" list.
2 grown up white bears are sent to some unknown destination?!

This zoo is on very bad reputation, and by being a sponsor in this kind of action you are just contributing to more suffer and bigger tragedy.
It is so grate of you to have an interested in animal welfare and I salute you on that- and I hope that after seeing photos from Belgrade Zoo,   

You will understand why no animal should live in such horrific conditions.
This is a world petition 2 make Belgrade zoo more animal friendly:

Thank You for Your time

(your name)
(Your contact info)

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