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From 20 February 2006 Issue

Write, Protest
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      What is happening in Akron, Ohio will be happening within your city/town next  if it isn't STOPPED NOW!
      First week of November 2005, shelter director Anthony Moore    administered only 2 ccs of sodium pentobarbital to each of 18 dogs.
      These dogs weighed as much as 100 lbs.  This is far less than the required dosage of 1 cc per 10 lb's of body weight that is needed to kill humanely.

      Dr. Bob Rogers (a licensed veterinarian) is willing to sign a notarized statement declaring this an unacceptable amount of sodium pentobarbital
and insufficient to cause death.
      (His letter is attached)

      These dogs were undoubtedly placed into a freezer while they were still alive!
     It is more than likely that most of these dogs revived and became conscious before freezing to death.
      Furthermore, 53 dogs/puppies & cats/kittens were found dead in their cages
      at the Summit County Animal Shelter during the last 18 months!
      Please call AND send emails  to the following 4 people, who are all responsible for  allowing this to happen/continue!

      Craig Stanley: 330-926-2494  - [email protected]  (

      James McCarthy: 330-643-2510 - [email protected]  (

      Karen Doty: 330-643-8052 - [email protected]  (

      Richard Farkas: 330-657-2817 - [email protected]  (

      Akron Mayor Donald Plusquellic:  330-375-2345
      [email protected]    ( 

      Akron City Council:  330-375-2256
      [email protected]    ( 

      James Crutchfield, Publisher Akron Beacon Journal: 330-996-3017 
      [email protected]  (

      Debra Adams Simmons, Local News Editor,
      Akron Beacon Journal: 330-996-3501,
      [email protected]  (

      Mike Douglas, Associate Editor ABJ:  330-996-3512,
      [email protected]   (

      Mike Needs, Public Editor ABJ:  330-996-3860
      [email protected]

      Summit County Council: 330-643-2725,
      [email protected]   ( 

      Copy and Paste or write your own!
        More of Akron's pets go into a freezer.
        Are they dead...
        or are they about to be frozen alive? 
        We'll never know......              
            Selective ignorance, willful blindness, or willful knowledge...
            all must be held legally accountable!  
           County Executive James McCarthy
          Law Director  Karen Doty
             Animal Shelter Supervisor  Craig Stanley
            HSGA Director   Richard Farkas

      Sample letter: (copy and paste)

      To Akron City Officials.

      Dogs being frozen alive!  Dogs and cats lying sick and injured in cages for days, many of them dying there!  Kittens and puppies going without food and water for 24 hours between feedings!  Welcome to the Summit County, Ohio
      Animal Shelter!!
      Outraged?? I know that I am!  The excuse given for allowing his inhumane treatment of animals is that they are "unwanted" and need to be "disposed of" and that according to Ohio state law dogs only need be held 3 days and then killed.  No law requires a minimum holding period for cats, as a result nearly half are killed immediately.  Many of these animals are owned pets, members of the family, which accidentally escaped and found themselves impounded in this tax-funded animal hell.

      As members of the larger community of caring citizens, we are appalled to learn of such atrocities committed against innocent animals by those who have been entrusted to protect them from harm.  To place living, breathing dogs into a freezer to die because of a temporary shortage of euthanasia drugs and to allow dozens of animals to suffer to the point of dying in their cages is unconscionably cruel, ethically and morally corrupt and completely unacceptable on every level.

      We as citizens and tax-payers demand that those responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law and that this facility be put under the immediate control of competent, caring professionals from the animal welfare community.  Akron/Summit County, Ohio must finally be brought out of the dark ages of institutionalized animal cruelty and must move into the enlightened era of compassion and progressive practices that have for many decades existed in much of the United States and indeed the world.  I demand that those in positions of authority and influence immediately put an end to this blatant abuse and neglect of our companion animals.

      Your Name Here
      Contact Information
      (it helps to legitimize your complaint if there is an address)
      Make certain to at least include your city and state, but remember, your address
      will help validify that your are a real person who opposes this treatment.


      for more info
      The following horrors have all been documented!
      The Summit County Animal Shelter underdosed 18 dogs of the drug to euthanize.  Veterinary specialists have concurred that the dogs were put into the freezer ALIVE.    These horrendous acts were done under the supervision of: Craig Stanley

      According to Ohio revised code, only a Warden can authorize a dog to be euthanized prior to the three day hold.  Which non-qualified Supervisor authorized dogs to be euthanized? Craig Stanley

      Dogs are fed only once per day because, per a statement from a pound worker, they are understaffed and do not have the employees to clean cages if animals are fed twice.  Ohio Revised Code states that animals must go no longer than 13 hours between feedings.  Dogs are being starved, under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      Witnesses have seen dogs have no food or water in the cages, which is a direct violation of Ohio Revised Code.  This is being done under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      Witnesses have seen thick layers of mold in the cat bowls.  This neglect was done under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      Sick and injured animals are repeatedly allowed to suffer and die of their illnesses and injuries without any type of diagnosis and treatment.  This is being done under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      At least 53 impounded animals have been found dead in their cages at the facility during the last 18 months.  This has been under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      On October 19th, 2005, a beagle puppy, which had been purchased from the facility, was returned after having been diagnosed with parvovirus.  Shelter management refused to allow the puppy to be euthanized upon the request of a staff member and allowed the puppy to die horribly by hemorrhaging to death overnight. This was under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      On at least one recent occasion, a dog that had clearly been abused and neglected by its owner was euthanized at the owner's request with no repercussions or investigation into how the dog had developed a festering wound on its neck containing an ingrown collar.  This was under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      Nearly one-third of all cats and kittens impounded at the facility are killed during the first 24 hours.  An additional 10% are killed before 3 days have passed.  This is under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      Newborn kittens impounded without mothers are repeatedly left to die in their cages. This is under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley
      The area of the facility used to kill 5,000 animals each year has no euthanasia table. All animals are killed on a concrete floor.  This is under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      Staff requests for needed equipment and requests to replace worn and dangerous items are ignored. Only one pair of bite gloves is present in the entire facility and all catchpoles are so worn as to create injury to animals with their sharp metal edges.  This is under the Supervision of: Craig Stanley

      Inhumane euthanization, inaccurate recordkeeping, lack of proper sanitation and repeated mass euthanizations, all under the Supervision of: A Summit County Animal Shelter employee, who recently resigned, now has lost his job with the City of Akron as a Warden.  County Executive, James McCarthy, did not want him delivering animals to the SCAS (one must question, why not?  Hiding something?).  Who made this request?  None other than: Craig Stanley

      CAN THIS MAN TELL THE TRUTH??????  "Stanley said he has an open-door policy and is willing to meet with anyone about the shelter and its operations. But Gallagher said when he asked to meet with him, Stanley said he would have to talk to Jill Skapin, communications director for McCarthy's office." ...

[email protected]

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