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From 14 April 2006 Issue

Animal Exploiters Spread Libelous Propaganda

"Some animal exploiters don't like what we're doing to help end the cruelty being inflicted upon animals, in this case the Iditarod Race, and so they publish a web page denouncing our newsletter, and include a link to our web site.   Here is the letter I wrote to the woman  that denounced our articles on the dog sled race, The Iditarod, which just concluded. She was trying to defame Animals In Print and staff Margery Glickman a fierce opponent of this race.

My email to the website host and writer is as follows:

Hi June, regarding the following copied from your website titled

"Fact, Not Fiction"(? )

  (She writes) "Margery Glickman is listed as a staff member of Animal's In Print, an on-line newsletter that openly supports Animal Liberation, which is characterized by groups like ALF, which uses bombs and intimidation to pursue it's goals."

(My reply) My name is Linda Beane and I just visited your site. I owe you a big thank you for the advertisement of my newsletter, Animals In Print. It is not everyday I get such attention and with the lucrative descriptions I bet people can't wait to go view it.

What a wonderful opportunity this gives us to educate people that are unaware of the atrocities of the Iditarod Race. Most people that go to my website are ARs and aware of its brutality. So it will be great to get new readers and get the truth out.

  In fact I am so excited I plan to do a special newsletter dedicated entirely to the race. In the table-of-contents it will be titled after the race instead of the usual date listing. This will make it easier for your visitors to find the information, though I hope they browse through some of the newsletters, there are wonderful articles and lots of interesting facts. I think they will also enjoy the poetry section, some of it is very touching.

I can see you are aware everyone knows Margery Glickman, a brilliant woman indeed. I was thrilled to see her name mentioned with no explanation needed. This revealed to me that our efforts have not gone unnoticed, have been taken seriously and are effective. Apparently she has got you worried and on the defensive. I can see you are concerned as she almost got top billing. Also what a hoot, the way you embellished my website. You are running scared as we methodically expose this horrid race.

You go girl, keep running because we are a power to be reckoned with! (as you well know)

What an honor to be a headliner on your pro Iditarod Dog Sled Race Site. Keep up the good work and keep us foremost in your thoughts and headlines. (would really love top billing)

Linda Beane
Editor: Animals In Print

Editors note: Look for our special newsletter on the Iditarod Race in a couple weeks

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