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Animals In Print
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From 20 May 2006 Special Alert Issue

Contact Information

Summit County Animal Shelter
460 E. North St.
Akron, OH 44310
main ph: 330-643-2845; fax: 330-643-8034

Craig Stanley, Animal Shelter Supervisor

James McCarthy, Summit County Executive
County of Summit, Office of the Executive
175 South Main Street, 8th Floor
Akron, Ohio 44308
ph: 330-643-2510; fax: 330-643-2507

Karen Doty, Summit County Law Director
Ohio Building, 8th Floor
175 S. Main St.; Akron, Ohio 44308-1314
Ph: 330-643-8052; fax: 330-643-2507

Sherri Bevan Walsh, Prosecuting Attorney
County Safety Building, 6th and 7th
Akron, Ohio 44308-1680
ph: 330-643-2800; fax: 330-643-2137

Summit County Council
Ohio Building, 7th Floor
175 S. Main St.; Akron, Ohio 44308-1314
ph: 330-643-2725; fax: 330-643-2531

Members of Summit County Council

Nick Kostandaras, District 1 -
ph: 330-659-3369, 330-659-9805 

Tom Teodosio, District 2 -
hm: 330-630-2243, wk: 330-535-9111 

Louise L. Heydorn, District 3 -
ph: 330-688-7818 

Pete Crossland, District 4 -
ph: 330-867-4967 

Cazzell M. Smith, Sr., District 5 -
hm: 330-867-4313, wk: 330-773-6838

Daniel Congrove, District 6 -
ph: 330-794-9939; 

Tim Crawford, District 7 -
ph: 330-825-8866; 

Paula Prentice, District 8 -
ph: 330-644-0087; 

Michael Callahan, At Large -
ph: 330-376-9260; 

Clair Dickinson, At Large -
ph: 330-535-5711; 

Paul Gallagher, At Large -
ph: 330-923-1142, 330-297-3850; 

Richard Farkas, Director
Humane Society of Greater Akron (HSGA)
4904 Quick Road; Peninsula, Ohio 44264 
ph: 330-657-2817; fax: 330-657-2947;

Akron Mayor Donald L. Plusquellic
Suite 200 Municipal Building
166 South High Street;
Akron, Ohio 44308
ph: 330-375-2345; fax: 330-375-2468;

Akron City Council
ph: 330-375-2256; main

Ward Members

Ward 1 Daniel M. Horrigan: 

Ward 2 Bruce Kilby: 

Ward 3 Marco S. Sommerville (Council President): 

Ward 4 Renee L. Greene (Council President Pro-Tem): 

Ward 5 Jim Shealey: 

Ward 6 Terry Albanese: 

 Ward 7 Tina Merlitti: 

Ward 8 Bob Keith: 

Ward 9 Mike Freeman: 

Ward10 Garry Moneypenny: 

Bob Taft, Governor, State of Ohio
30th Floor, 77 South High Street;
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6117
ph: 614-466-3555;
web email: 

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for In Defense of Animals Action Center.

In Defense of Animals 3010 Kerner Blvd.,
San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel.: +1 415 388 9641 Fax: +1 415 388 0388 

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