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From 22 June 2006 Issue

Animal Snuff Fetish Videos Spread Online

Urge FBI and Justice Dept. to Investigate Animal Cruelty Websites

Many IDA members have contacted us recently about websites that feature "crush films" - videos of horrific cruelty to animals made to appeal to sexual deviants who are aroused by the torture and killing of animals. These movies represent the extreme end of the pornographic spectrum, and typically feature women with names like Princess of Death and Debbie the Destructor slowly crushing kittens, puppies, monkeys, rodents, frogs and other small animals under stiletto heels, or with their buttocks or cleavage. Though it is difficult to understand why anyone would be sexually stimulated by watching helpless animals being tortured and killed, one undercover investigator's experience offers insight into the depraved minds of such individuals. While posing as a participant in a crush film, the investigator (who was doing research for the Ventura County, California district attorney's office) was given precise instructions on how to kill a dog and told to torture the animal for at least 90 minutes before delivering the death blow. Through her participation in chat rooms, the investigator discovered that crush fetishists like to fantasize that they themselves are being trampled to death under the foot of a merciless dominatrix, so prolonging the torture apparently serves to increase the viewer's lustful excitement. The popularity of crush videos continues to rise dramatically despite passage of a federal law in 1999 banning the creation, sale or possession of films featuring crushing or stomping of animals. An estimated 2,000 titles in this sickening genre have been produced so far, and the global market for these movies is growing rapidly with the proliferation of peer-to-peer video file sharing networks like MySpace and YouTube. There are also an increasing number of websites featuring crush films alongside other videos depicting violence, gore and shocking cruelty. While crush films are strictly illegal, certain factors make prosecuting individuals who make and distribute them difficult. For instance, crush fetishists in the U.S. can legally give these videos away for free online as long as their Internet hosting company is located in a country where animal snuff films are still legal. Identifying those who make, promote and star in the videos is also challenging. Crush actresses usually hide their faces from the camera's view, and websites that carry the videos often don't track information about those who submit them. While prosecuting those who make, promote, distribute and act in animal snuff films is a formidable task, criminal charges and even convictions have been brought against some of these individuals. Efforts by animal advocates and concerned citizens to alert authorities to illegal crush videos have been instrumental in bringing these dangerous deviants to justice.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Since crush videos feature crimes caught on film, please report websites that feature these sick movies to both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Justice Department and ask them to investigate the illegal animal cruelty they depict and arrest those responsible.
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