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From 10 August 2006 Issue

Win in Animal Rights
By Margaret Morin

I am disturbed by some of the language I have seen on thankfully a small number of animal rights websites recently. If anyone is in a position to influence the rhetoric on these sites to be more moderate and realistic, I hope s/he does so. Anyone can read these sites, and that's just what is happening. We are getting bad press as a result. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot.

If we in animal rights want to be effective and win for the animals, we should expose the reality of factory farming, animal experimentation, and all other forms of animal abuse to the public as graphically, realistically, and as often as possible.

The scum that perpetrates this abuse is able to do so, because the vast majority of Americans don't know it exists or if they have some inkling, they have been able to objectify it and distance themselves emotionally from what really happens. But, when they become aware of the reality of the abuse through photographs, films or graphic descriptions, they are appropriately repulsed and outraged. This is what we want.

What we don't want is for these same people to instead decide to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to animal abuse because our argument are accompanied by ill-conceived threats of personal harm to the abusers and/or their children (when the site publishes where an abuser's child attends school, that's a threat and a stupid one, at that). Americans are not ready to take up arms against fellow humans and they turn against those who threaten violence. They do, however, take strong issue with the weak and powerless being tortured. And, they can be convinced to act against such torture with their check books and investment portfolios.

The way to hurt abusers like big Pharm is through their pocket books. We need to stop them through financial and business means, which can be used with great effectiveness. When animal rights takes letter writing action against animal abuser's stocks, such a SHAC has done, animals win. When we convince city or state officials that they don't want such horrific operations as Covance locating in their communities, animals win. Hit them where it hurts. Money is the name of the game. Make it unprofitable for big Pharma to abuse animals, and they will stop.

It may feel good for the moment to threaten violence against animal abusers, but it does not help the animals. As a matter of fact, it helps the animal abusers continue to abuse as it turns the average American and the law against us.

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