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From 12 December 2006 Issue

Tell eBay to Stop Allowing the Sale of Dog Fur, Live Dogs and Cats, in China

Please join PETA in asking eBay—the world's largest online marketplace—to prohibit the cruel sale of cats and dogs—as well as items lined with dog fur, which are illegal in the U.S.—on its Chinese Web.

Photos of live animals for sale in China posted by eBay sellers show conditions that one wouldn't wish on one's worst enemy, including chaining animals to cages on the streets, keeping puppies in wire-bottomed cages (in the U.S. and other countries, such housing is prohibited by animal welfare laws for humane reasons—wire hurts!), keeping puppies in a rusty, barely lit cage with bone-dry empty bowls, and cramped, extremely crowded conditions.

It is appalling that even after viewing graphic depictions of the plight of dogs and cats in China, eBay still refuses to prohibit the sale of these animals on its Chinese Web site. Please contact eBay officials now and politely encourage them to do the right thing and stop the sale of cats and dogs on their Chinese Web site.

Note: Personalized letters always work best. Feel free to use the provided text at following PETA website though your message will carry more weight if you write your own customized message and subject line.


Source:[email protected]

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