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From 10 January 2007 Issue

CROSSPOST: Needed rental country Place/Animals Okay

My friend a total animal person is being forced out of her country home in Iroquois county, Illinois because they refuse to give her a permit to have her animals . Barb has been a vet tech for many years and adopts animals whom others have brought in to be killed because of some health or behavior issue. Her home is like an infirmary with blind, deaf, amputee, neurological problem, old, or arthritic dogs and cats as well as 2 pot bellied pigs and 6 exotic birds.

She wants nothing more than to be left alone to care for her animals.

She does not have good credit and cannot get a mortgage until she gets back on track which will take about a year.

The answer would be what is almost impossible but I told her I'd toss it out and hope someone, somewhere knows of a country place for rent or rent with option to buy where she can have her 20 dogs and 15 cats and the pigs and birds -- or someone who would owner finance.

This place, preferably, would be in Illinois 50 - 60 miles from Chicago.

Please contact [email protected] if you can help.

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