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From 28 January 2007 Issue

A New Reason to Become Vegan
- Cloned Meat!

Alright, if I had read this 6 years ago I would have thought this was a joke, but it’s true. The FDA is going to approve cloned meat for human consumption this week. The new cloned meat probably won’t be labeled any different from regular meat. So you won’t know whether you’re eating real meat or Frakenmeat raised in a laboratory. Ouch. I wonder how long Americans will pretend where their food comes doesn’t matter. It’s been a scary journey in food since 2000, and things are getting worse.

The European Union decided genetically modified foods were unsafe, but the United States thought it was safe enough for us. Biotech companies are this generation’s cigarette companies - only much worse. Only, instead of selling cancer sticks to kids, they’re selling cancer food to everyone.

Companies like Monsanto are virtually unknown by people who live in the US, but up to 80% of the grains they eat are from their Genetically Modified seeds. They have a strains of corn and wheat called “Roundup Ready”. These plants have been modified to be immune to the herbicide Roundup. I’ve used Roundup before, and the stuff is crazy. It kills every plant it touches, and it can’t be good for you. But the Roundup Ready grains are immune to it. That means a farmer can spray his entire crop with Roundup and kill all of his weeds in one quick spray. The grains get covered in Roundup (which Monsanto owns too), and live, while everything else dies. So not only do you get the benefit of Frankenstein grain, you also get a nice dose of herbicide.

I’ve bought Organic food (free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, and GM) before in the past, but nowadays the stuff just costs too much. In the coming years, you’re going to have to be rich to eat well, or grow your own food.

So, what’s my advice? Go vegan or vegetarian now, and eat organic. And plant a garden at home. If you don’t have room for a garden, at least start with a few potted plants. GM companies “own” the plants they create, and so it’s illegal to save the seeds of one plant to the next. It’s to their benefit to have their “Franken” strains contaminate seeds humanity has had for ages. As things get even more out of hand with corruption and downright stupidity, food and drug safety are just going to get worse. Get educated. Learn where your food comes from, and seek out small farmers. Pay them well for their labor, because it really will be one of the most important jobs in the coming times. Can you really trust someone who tells you that cloned food is good for you?


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