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From 22 April 2007 Issue


Designer Giorgio Armani recently announced that he is not using fur in his collections, with one big exception: RABBIT FUR.  This means MILLIONS of rabbits will suffer and die every year so that they can be made into jackets, hats, glove linings, etc.  

You all know this about rabbits.  Now it's time to educate Armani.  

Besides pointing out the needless suffering of  rabbits raised and slaughtered for fur, you may also wish to tell him that according to the American Pet Products Manufacturer's Association, rabbits are the third most popular companion animal in the US.  They are also third in Great Britain and are very popular in Japan.  You also may mention how many rabbit organizations there are in your locale. 

In the metro Washington, DC area alone, there are 17 rabbit rescues and shelters that are involved with rescuing and rehoming rabbits. To a business minded person this equals SALES LOST and the point should not be lost on Armani. Armani is aware of the conditions in rabbit mills and farms, yet he continues to use rabbit fur. What he is probably not aware of is how great rabbits are.  Please write to Armani and politely urge him to stop using all the fur in his designs:

George Kolasa,Senior Vice President,Communications
Giorgio Armani Corporation
114 Fifth Ave.,17th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
212-366-1685 (fax)
[email protected] 

For more information about the barbarous fur trade, visit, click on RABBIT ADVOCATE, and then on "Anti-Fur."

Info. from: Rabbitwise alert

Staff:  [email protected] 

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