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From 22 August 2007 Issue

Calf Torture at Penn State

To those of you who wrote to Penn State regarding the dairy department's abuse and torture of dairy calves, I thank you. If those gentle calves with no voice could speak, they would thank you too. I have no doubt. In George Orwell's "Animal Farm" the farm animals revolt and take over the farm. I often wonder how animals would judge humans for their actions if they were so empowered.

Penn State has responded to my accusation. On one hand, they claim that all of their research is performed with compassion to animals. On the other hand, half of the calves were given anesthesia and half were not as their nerve-sensitive horns were painfully cut from their heads. The parallels to Nazi research in which young sets of twins suffered similar research abuses is deeply disturbing.

The good news is that Penn State's award-winning daily newspaper is investigating the story. Please share your comments with:

Devon Lash
Editor In Chief
The Daily Collegian
123 S. Burrowes St.
[email protected] 

There can be justice here. This can be a learning process. Please take this opportunity to help teach unfeeling scientists to recapture their souls.

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