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From 12 November 2007 Issue

NOTMILK - Beauty and Critique
By Robert Cohen

Beauty and Critique

Ten years ago America's anti-dairy movement began
with a press conference at a New York City hotel.
An entirely vegan gourmet buffet was served to over
100 members of the media who helped to turn the birth
of NOTMILK into a national story. The voices of
opposition to America's dairy industry are now echoed
by thousands of physicians and health practitioners.

The underlying meaning of a plant-based diet has become
one of compassion to both animals and humans. By eating
animal proteins which are rich in methionine and cysteine,
we taint human tissues and compromise cardiovascular and
skeletal systems. The high amount of sulfur in animal
protein adds flavor to meat and cheese, but it also results
in a rotten egg-smell essence on the human physiology and

The Japenese once derisively called Americans "the butter
people" for the smell emanating from our breath and skin.
Vegans know that stench when they come close to meat
eaters. Absence of that obnoxious odor is like a secret
handshake which one resident of the planet "Vega" uses to
recognize a fellow vegan. The malodorous essence circulates
in a meat eater's blood and body fluids.

It is a metallic rancid odor which offends olfactory senses.
Science is beginning to assess the horrible cumulative
bouquet on internal cellular and organ function. See: 

Consider: The primary commercial uses for sulfur are
for the manufacture of gunpowder, pesticides, and
matches. Although the milligrams of sulfur provided by
eating a plant-based diet are critically important for
human functioning, it may very well be the over-consumption
of centigrams and decigrams of sulfur which fill hospital
beds and fuel America's ever-expanding medical community.

The high rates of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis,
asthma, diabetes, and other human disorders can be directly
traced to the consumption of animal flesh and body fluids.
Milk has been called "liquid meat," and concentrated dairy
products such as cheese and ice cream are the unhealthiest
weapons of mass destruction known to humankind.

On a bright, sunny day in Texas in 1963, John F. Kennedy
was to deliver a speech at the Dallas Trade Mart, scheduled
some 30 minutes after his actual assassination. Within the
talk that never was is the poignant quotation which might
have given all Americans food for thought. Kennedy was to
have said these words:

"There will always be dissident voices heard in the
land, expressing opposition without alternatives,
finding fault but never favor, perceiving gloom on
every side and seeking influence without responsibility.
Those voices are inevitable."

The world becomes a better place because of people who
combine both dissent and inspiration when they teach.
Such voices criticize injustices while offering healing

Eighty years before JFK's speech was to have been made,
in her Ministry of Healing, Ellen G. White wrote:

"Those professed Christians who are constantly complaining,
and who seem to think cheerfulness and happiness a sin, have
not genuine religion. Those who take a mournful pleasure in
all that is melancholy in the natural world, who choose to
look upon dead leaves rather than to gather the beautiful
living flowers, who see no beauty in grand mountain heights
and in valleys clothed with living green, who close their
senses to the joyful voice which speaks to them in nature,
and which is sweet and musical to the listening ear--these
are not in Christ. They are gathering to themselves gloom
and darkness, when they might have brightness, even the Sun
of Righteousness arising in their hearts with healing in His

To appreciate all of our gifts is to celebrate life.

Robert Cohen 
[email protected] 

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