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Animals In Print
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From 12 March 2008 Issue

Poem: "One Spiritual Family"

Animals, like the human animal, are living, breathing, feeling, loving, soul-filled children of God.
We are all in this together.

We all get tired, we all get wet in the rain.
We all experience loneliness, we all experience pain.
We all thirst for water, and we all thirst for love.
We are all Children of God, Who's Angels watch over us from high up above.
We all breathe, we all play, we all feel.
We all get hungry and we all appreciate a satisfying meal.
We are all born, and we all deserve to live life.
Nobody should be left behind, or be subjected to a dissecter's deadly knife.
We all die, and we are all born into everlasting love and life in Heaven.... in paradise.
Where, as one spiritual family, we all share love, and we all get treated nice.
In Heaven, we all gather together, one species, one race, one religion, and all of us have lots of fun.
In Heaven, we all realize, that we all are really ONE.

We are all one.
One life.
One Soul.
One Spiritual Family.

-----------End of Poem-----------

Matthew DeLuca, [email protected]

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