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From 12 April 2008 Issue

"Remembering Phoenix"
By [email protected]

UPC President, Karen Davis with friend
Photo Courtesy of United Poultry Concerns

Karen Davis PhD. is the founder of The United Poultry Concerns

She makes no apologies.
Speaking candidly and forthright
Her adamant crusade exposes the cruel realities,
The brutal, abusive facts of the Poultry Industry.
Chickens, one of the worlds` most abused animals,
Have Karen as their staunch warrior.
She reveals the suffering of these gentle birds,
Conveying to everyone the misery of their existence,
And the brutality of their painful, terrifying death .
This is Karen's mission.
It will not end till every chicken is freed from the jaws of mankind.
Karen has a great deal of heartfelt knowledge.
She has experienced first hand the hatcheries hideous secrets.
Visiting one such place, a Perdue house,
She rescued a baby chick from the thousands at her feet.
This magnificent little bird she named Phoenix.
For he, like the mythical bird, rose from the ashes of the dead.
In this case the living dead, the future feather dead birds of Perdue.
Her beloved Phoenix lived 14 months.
Karen was with him as he died of congestive heart failure.
Today Phoenix lives on in her memory, a proud rooster,
Perched in the upper left corner of the Poultry Press.
Though many people feel they cannot care about a chicken,
Nor the suffering of these non human animals,
Karen has an uncanny ability to change their mind.
Her energized talks have opened a lot of media blinded eyes.
Mean spirited people such as Perdue fall victim to their own harsh realities.
Karen has a special place in her heart for Perdue
With such slogans as "Cluck You, Frank Perdue!"
Her unique style and rhetoric is grabbing peoples` attention.
Karens` greatest gift is her ability to empower people.
Showing them the way to speak out for these gentle birds.
Exposing the arrogant greed and inhumanity!
Making no excuses, abandoning foregone conclusions,
Karen Davis PhD. is a person who will succeed in her endeavors.
Remembering Phoenix, that is her inspiration.
She seeks not for self praise, she is selfless.
May we all be inspired by her and in "Remembering Phoenix",
Add our voices to the uproar.
Stop the cruelty!!
Shutdown the Poultry houses!!
Don`t pet one animal while you eat another!
KAREN -- From all the hearts of those of us who cry with you....

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