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From 9 June 2008 Issue

PLEASE take action:

Despite massive opposition from public interest groups and civil libertarians, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, AETA, became law on November 27, 2007 upon receiving President Bush's signature. Its stated purpose is "to provide the Department of Justice the necessary authority to apprehend, prosecute, and convict individuals committing animal enterprise terror." But AETA is not limited to acts of violence or property destruction. It extends to anyone who attempts to, or conspires to, interfere with an animal enterprise. AETA offers no defense to activists who expose illegal activities. Animal researchers and factory farms that are operating illegally can use AETA to protect themselves from whistle blowers. The effect of AETA is to label social justice activists as terrorists when they work to expose animal cruelty, poor labor conditions, or environmental violations in agribusiness or the biomedical industries. It's time to repeal AETA. Learn more and take action:

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