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From 10 September 2008 Issue

Help End Pigeon Shoots In Pennsylvania

A Message from Karel Minor, Executive Director

Dear Friend of the Animals,

Urgent action is needed on an important Judiciary Sub-Committee vote on Pennsylvania House Bill 73. This bill would ban pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. The Humane Society of Berks County
endorses this bill ce. You can help make the difference this time.

Until recently, those opposing pigeon shoots were seen and characterized by the pro-pigeon shoot lobby as placard-carrying animal extremists.  However, in increasing numbers, perfectly reasonable people, people like you and me and our neighbors and families, are beginning to conclude that pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania should finally come to an end.

Sometimes a common mission leads us to agree that a legal practice should come to an end. Pigeon shoots are such a practice. Hunters and vegans alike should be able to agree that shooting a captive pigeon as it flies out of a box is cruel at worst and unsportsmanlike at the very best.

The opponents of the proposed ban make very strident claims. They say that this is a first step toward doing away with the Second Amendment, taking away our guns, banning hunting and fishing, and ending a proud Pennsylvania “tradition”. That is just silly. I am a gun owner and I staunchly defend my Second Amendment rights.

This is about taking a reasonable position against a cruel and unsportsmanlike pastime, and we need your help and the help of your neighbors, families and friends to get it done. If only a few “animal nuts” raise their voices, this bill will likely die. But if a broad cross-section of people who recognize when it’s time for a change raise their voices, our elected representatives will take notice.

I believe that there is a huge "silent majority" in the middle who have not yet that expressed how they feel. If you are a part of that silent majority, make your voice heard now. Let your Representative know right now that you think the time for rounding up hundreds of wild or captive-bred pigeons, shooting them as the fly out of a box, and having people-- sometimes children-- shoot them or stomp them as they lie wounded on the ground, has come to an end.

At the bottom of this page is a link that will take you to a link to the draft Bill 73 so you can read it for yourself, a link to the NRA website so you can read the opposition’s position for yourself, and links to key Pennsylvania Representatives for this issue. You can tell them how you feel using our sample email text.

Please contact your Representative today and ask him or her to co-sponsor and support HB 73. Don’t let the opportunity slip away from us once again.

Best Wishes,
Karel Minor, Executive Director

Editors note: the above article has been shortened due to lack of space in newsletter.


Get House Bill 73 Passed!

Taking Action Is Easy!
Find your Representative from the list below.

Highlight the sample text while holding down your left mouse button
Click on the highlighted text with your right mouse button
Select "Copy"
Click on your Representative's contact link at left
In the "Comments" section right click and select "Paste"
Customize the message or leave as is
Fill in the rest of the contact information requested and send! Sample Text: "Dear [Representative]: If you haven't already, please cosponsor H.B. 73, Rep. Shimkus' bill to ban pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. It is time to stop permitting these cruel and unsportsmanlike events in our state. A handful of these events still take place in Pennsylvania. I ask that you join Rep. Shimkus in his efforts to bring this antiquated, cruel, and unsporting practice to an end Statewide. Sincerely, [Your name & address]"

Do you have two minutes more? Hearing what you have to say is even more effective than reading what you have to say. After you send your email message, call your Representative on the telephone! Please don't forget to forward this to friends, family and co-workers!

Read House Bill 73 here
Read what the NRA says here
Search for your PA Representative by County or ZIP here
Contact Representative Carl W. Mantz, Judiciary Committee Member
Contact Representative David G. Argall
Contact Representative Jim Cox
Contact Representative Douglas G. Reichley
Contact Representative Sam Rohrer  

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