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From 29 September 2008 Issue

HELP NEEDED, Does Anyone Know How These Circus Elephants Died?

Connie and Barbara were elephants with the"Culpepper-Merriweather" Circus.

"CM" was a shortened version of "Culpepper-Merriweather" Circus. They used to be based out of Queen Creek Arizona, but are now in Hugo Oklahoma.

Connie and Barbara were their elephants, and I have recently learned they have both died, a month apart from one another. This saddens me and makes me ill.

I have tried a number of times to find details of their deaths, but I only seem to turn up a couple of tiny blips.

I was hoping to learn exactly what happened, and WHY. I mean we know WHY!...........CIRCUS!......but I meant the cause, and WHY when one died, did they not try to save the other.

If you have any information on what happened to these elephants please email

Thank you.

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