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From 29 September 2008 Issue

Help save Ponies of Cambodia

Dear Friend,

Right now a small pony in rural Cambodia is struggling to carry a heavy load strapped to his already fragile back. Beneath the burdensome cargo the sharp outline of his spine and protruding ribs are shockingly visible. He hasn't had enough food for days, perhaps weeks, and he is on the verge of collapsing...

Another pony is limping as she pulls a cart through the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city. Chronic malnutrition and bad equipment have left her lame and in constant pain, with infected wounds that are opened fresh every day. With no veterinary care available, she will continue to grow weaker and sicker...

The working ponies of Cambodia desperately need our help. Overworked, overloaded, sick, weak, and starving, they can't take much more. You can change this by making a gift to WSPA today.

A lifetime of suffering

Rural Cambodia is a land of extreme poverty and hardship. The farmers and laborers who live there cannot afford vehicles and rely on working ponies for their livelihoods - every day around 30,000 ponies can be seen on the streets from early morning until late evening, pulling carts, carrying heavy loads, providing transportation, and giving rides to tourists.

Despite their importance these ponies endure chronic neglect and abuse. In Cambodia there are no trained equine vets, and there is no tradition of equine care, nutrition, and farriery. In addition, most owners cannot afford appropriate food and equipment for their ponies.

As a result many ponies die from easily treatable diseases and injuries, while others slowly starve to death - some ponies eat only what food they can find for themselves. Many also suffer from open wounds, skin infections, and chronic lameness. Sadly, it is not uncommon to see ponies limping and dragging their legs as they pull their heavy loads.

Bringing hope to the ponies of Cambodia

WSPA and our member society, the Lampang Pony Welfare Organization (LPWO) are running an ambitious new project to help these ponies - and we need your support. Our project, now in its pilot year, has already brought medical treatment, care, and relief to hundreds of ponies throughout Cambodia and is continuing to deliver aid every day. We're also reaching out to communities and equine owners to educate them about proper care of their animals, and we're training local veterinarians and farriers in equine care and welfare.

Although we have made great strides so far, there are so many ponies who are still waiting for relief from hunger, pain, and suffering. Without our intervention, there is little hope for these animals - WSPA and LPWO are the only organizations working in Cambodia to help them, and if we do not step in they will continue to suffer.

But with your support we can change this. These ponies can be saved. Join us now and make your gift to bring aid to these ponies and other animals in need around the world today.

Cecily West
Executive Director WSPA USA


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